Q.4) Do you think nation states owe a responsibility towards asylum seekers? What are the considerations that should, in your opinion, go into the making of a refugee policy? Provide arguments with contemporary examples. (250 Words)

India with its history, culture, traditions, is today an example of generosity in the way it has opened its borders to all people who have come looking for safety and sanctuary. There are Tibetans, Afghans, Myanmarese in India and it has maintained an open door policy for all. India has a generous approach in relationship to all people and a proof of that is the granting of long term visas and work permits to refugees. But with the Rohingya issue the refugee issue has come to the forefront again

Yes, it should open its doors for refugees:-
India should adhere to the responsibility as a major power in the region and also as the largest democracy in the world on humanitarian grounds .India has been historically known to be benevolent to refugees.
Even being open to refugees is important to the India’s economic investment especially in the case of Rohingyas peace and stability in the Rakhine state is important because continued violence in Rakhine state is affecting India’s Kaladan Multi-modal Transit Transport project.
Despite India not signing the convention, the UNHCR has generally praised India as a host country.
The culture of tolerance enshrined in Indian cultural texts is imbibed in the minds of Indians
India is a secular country and the democratic foundations ensure the protection of refugees.
India will be put on the world map and make it respected as a global and responsible power if it is benevolent to refugees.

Indian experience with migrants earlier is making it cautious about open to refugees further.
Northeast is already reeling under a steady deluge of illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh, including Buddhist Chakmas turfed out from their homes in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
India is over populated already and further accommodating ill only trigger socio-economic tensions and also it is burden on exchequer.
There are also issues of terrorism ,communalism ,ethnic violence .
Genuine fears that destitute Rohingya youth would be easy prey to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and international jihadist outfits such as al-Qaeda among others.
India has not signed UNHCR convention so there is no obligation to accept refugees.
Foreigners act 1946 does not recognise refugees as a special category needing humanitarian protection.

Way forward:
India needs to have a clear cut refugee policy .Also the source of the problem need to be further explored so that violence and ethnic cleansing are effectively dealt with.
However, since the refugees have no home to return to, at least at the moment in the case of Rohingyas, India can reconsider the idea of deporting them.

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