Q.4 In your personal life you are a religious person and strongly believe in the preservation of socio-cultural beliefs. Your recent posting as an IPS officer has brought you to a district with a widely revered shrine. Shortly after you take charge, you find considerable tension building up in the district on the question of women’s entry in the shrine. In this backdrop, the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of women being allowed to enter the shrine. You are aware that there is considerable resentment against the decision. Additionally, several political parties, religious bodies and groups have launched a campaign to defend the tradition. In a few weeks the traditional annual pilgrimage to the shrine is going to commence. You suspect that if the situation is not diffused it might lead to law and order problems. (a) What are the key issues at stake here? b) Do you see any dilemmas in the unfolding situation? (c) In this context, what steps would you take to discharge your duties? (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • Briefly highlight the key stakeholders involved in the case study.
  • Discuss the key issues involved in the case study.
  • Discuss the ethical dilemmas involved in the case study.
  • Discuss the steps which you would take to discharge your duties.
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