Q.4 You are posted as Superintendent of Police (SP) in a district, which has a bustling market in the district headquarters with a high footfall. The area has traditionally been occupied by street vendors and hawkers. They form an intrinsic part of the market system in the area and derive their livelihood from it. Recently, you got reports that the policemen posted in the area harass the hawkers and also extort ‘hafta’ – a weekly bribe – from them despite complying with the laws. It has been brought to your notice that while those who comply with this arrangement are allowed to carry on with their daily operations, those who do not are being evicted from the market area. In the process of eviction, they are even physically assaulted and their saleable items are often confiscated and destroyed. As a result, some street vendors have been staging protests against the local administration in the market and have blocked the normal market passage. They have also threatened to intensify their protest over a period of time. The local police, however, has been in denial of any such wrong doings and argue that they are merely removing illegal encroachments, which were causing traffic jam in the area. In this situation, answer the following: (a) Mention the stakeholders and ethical issues involved in the case. (b) As the Superintendent of Police, what course of action would you adopt for diffusing the tensions in the area? Also, suggest some policy recommendations, which will help resolve the issues in the long-term. (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • Briefly discuss the issues given in the case.
  • Mention the stakeholders and ethical issues of the case.
  • Highlight the course of action to be taken to diffuse the tension in the area.
  • Suggest policy measures that can be taken to resolve the issues in the long term.
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Karun Kumar Takhele
1 year ago


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Karun Kumar Takhele
1 year ago

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