Q.4 You are the CEO of a film production company, which has not been doing well financially for some time. Your company is now relying on its forthcoming movie, which is about to be released shortly. The movie has a cast of reliable actors and even before its release, trade pundits have predicted that the movie will be a hit. However, you face a conundrum as one of the actors in the movie is a citizen of a neighbouring country with which relations have been disturbed and a war like situation exists. While the political atmosphere was different when the movie was being filmed, now there is a widespread public demand, with a local political party at the forefront, for replacing the actor from the movie or a ban on the release of the movie itself, if the actor is not replaced. While you are aware of the mood of the nation and the public repercussions of releasing the movie in its present form, you also know that it is not feasible to replace him at this stage as he has a substantial role in the movie. There is also a section in the film fraternity that does not want you to compromise in the wake of threat by the local party as it compromises freedom of speech and expression as well as artistic creativity. (a) What are the options available to you? (b) Evaluate each of the options and state their merits and demerits. (c) What course of action would you take and why? (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • State the options available to you as a CEO of the company.
  • Evaluate the merits and demerits of the available options.
  • State your course of action, with reasons.
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