Q4) Sports are always considered as gentleman events. Sportspersons are perceived as someone who view game as sacred and always plays within spirit of game. However, there is widespread media coverage of sportsperson indulging in illegal and unethical ways to win. Consumption of performance enhancing doping substance is one such menace. Every year multitude of players are banned by National and International Anti-doping agencies for consuming banned substances. Consequences of consuming these banned substances can led to such player being banned for life from playing the sport. Also, they destroy the reputation of the whole nation due to their actions. However, few justify the consumption of these drugs are part of training. They points to players’ right to enhance their performance. Also, since everybody can use them so they are not creating any differential situation vis-a-vis other players. In this context answer the questions given below – (a). What are the ethical issues involved in consuming performance enhancing drugs. (b). Why sportspersons are involved in consuming performance enhancing drugs despite knowing the consequences? (c). What can the potential ways to make competitive events free of any doping substance? (20 Marks)

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shivanshu pandey
shivanshu pandey
1 year ago

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