“Supreme Court’s ruling granting permanent commission to women on a par with men has been hailed as a “great leap” towards equality in the army. “ Comment. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction state the details of the case; The Supreme Court recently brought women officers in 10 streams of the Army on a par with their male counterparts in all respects, setting aside longstanding objections of the government.
  • The body of the answer should first cover the background of the case; discuss when women were first inducted into the Army etc. Then explain why till recent times women were not considered for higher ranks in the Army and other defence roles. Explain the bias towards women in general, present arguments supporting the judgment, highlight that several countries with powerful militaries, such as China, the United States of America and Israel, allow women in different forms of active combat. Discuss why the judgment is a leap forward.
  • Conclude by reasserting the significance of such a judgment in granting equality at the gender roles
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