Take the civil service out of government and the country will collapse, take politics out of government and the country will flourish. Analyse. (250 words)

The civil service is a subdivision of government which is usually grouped with the Executive, and without which governments cannot function. The civil services by the quality of its knowledge, experience and understanding of public affairs support the chosen representatives to device effectual policy and have great responsibility to implement these
policies for the welfare of society and enhancement of nation. Parliamentary democracies are generally pigeonholed by a permanent civil service which helps the political policymakers and political executives.

Critical role played by Civil servants:
● Basis of government: No government can exist without administrative machinery. All nations, irrespective of their system of government, require some sort of administrative machinery for implementing policies.
● An instrument for implementing Laws and Policies: Civil services are responsible for implementing the laws and policies of government. By carrying out laws, it regulates the behaviour of the people in society. By implementing public policies and programmes, it delivers the promised goods and services to the intended beneficiaries.
● Participation in policy formulation: In the modern world, civil service is the chief policy maker in government. It is a source of facts; experience; ideas and solution. Public administration participates in policy making by giving advice to ministers and providing them the necessary information.
● A great stabilizing force: Civil services acts as a stabilizing force in society. It settles social tensions and conflicts and thus creates social unity and harmony.
● Provides continuity: Civil servants carry the role of governance even when government changes after elections. Ramsay Muir has remarked that while governments may come and go, ministers may rise and fall, the administration of a country goes on forever. It is needless to say that civil services form the backbone of administration.
● An instrument of social change and economic development: The developing nations are mostly traditional and poor agricultural societies without adequate basic amenities of good life.

Major responsibilities of civil servants to government and society:
● The prime responsibility of civil services executives to society is to serve the government it has elected. It denotes that civil services must offer the same standard of free, frank, impartial and responsive advice, and the same level of professionalism in administration and delivery of services, policies, programs irrespective of political party in power.
● Another accountability of civil services executive is to openly involve in all actions within the framework of ministerial actions to government and legislature.
● Specifically, civil servants are responsible for public interest in maintaining the law and ensuring that proper procedures are followed.
● Civil servants has close relations with society as they serve array of services. It entails that they must adopt ethical practices to deal with public.
● Civil servants need to serve the society by ensuring that entitlement and services provided to it under law and government policies are delivered effectively, impartially, courteously and professionally.
● Civil services officers also responsive to the needs of people, treating its members with courtesy and with sensitivity to their rights and aspirations.

Why politics out of the Government is good for the nation ?
Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to the art or science of running governmental or state affairs. Mahatma Gandhi recommended that politics should be a branch of ethics.
The decision-making process about how a society should be ruled is known as politics. This process can involve elected politicians in a DEMOCRACY, or the unelected members of a ruling elite.
However, in recent decades, things have changed drastically in India. The language of politics has reached the lowest of the lows and discussion of ethics is increasingly absent in contemporary Indian political discourse. We have abandoned the political culture that emerged during the anti-colonial struggle in the first decades of democracy in India.In the
absence of ethics, politics becomes as terrible as cancer.
● Politics without ethics is dangerous for Indian democracy as it is producing distrust at all levels.
● This decline of ethics will have enormous consequences for inter-community relations and the everyday life of ordinary Indians. This new kind of political culture will keep spreading hatred even after the elections are over.
● The ills of communalism, casteism, nepotism have gradually become the necessity of political arena in the name of politics.
● A number of scam cases are pending before the courts, relating to misappropriation, fraud, corruption in which the present day politicians are shamelessly involved.
● In 15th Lok Sabha Elections out 543 there were 158 newly elected MPs with criminal cases pending against them. Out of these, there were 74 MPs having serious charges against them
● On most issues, political leader and his supporters appeal to a vague “national interest”, in which rights or justice for India’s citizens do not figure for example:
● The original rationale for reservation was a straightforwardly ethical one on the gorund of discrimination and exclusion, or allowing for policy modifications that could be justified morally, however recently reservation has been deployed as a political tactic and justified in terms of power.

It is worth reflecting on how the ignoring of ethics is a departure from our own political tradition, and on its consequences for our politics and society. The founding of the Republic of India, from the freedom struggle through the writing of the constitution and the establishment of parliamentary democracy in the 1950s, was deeply rooted in ethics.

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