“The American revolution was essentially an economic revolt against American capitalism and British Mercantilism”. Critically examine. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly discuss the backdrop in which American Revolution took place. Present a timeline in the history.
  • In the body explain that the economic policy of England in its colonies in America was the primary cause of resentment among the American settlers. Discuss the policy of mercantilism. Explain how as a policy it believes that the volume of global trade is static and one country’s gain in trade is another country’s loss; wealth of a nation depends on possession of gold and silver; exports are preferred to imports and a colonial possession should provide wealth to the home country. List the causes of resentment in detail.
  • Conclude with importance of such a revolution in the world history.


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I didn’t get how to tackle the ‘American Capitalism’ part in this answer. Kindly explain. Thanks!

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