The world is at an inflexion point where geopolitics has been transformed and power equations are being altered. In this context, India’s instinctive preference should be for a multipolar order as the best assurance of its security and as most conducive to its own social and economic development. Comment. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-
  • In the intro, mention the disruption caused by the pandemic and the rise of China as a superpower.
  • In the body, mention changes like the emergence of China and the decline of the U.S. as a superpower. The growing assertiveness of China in the Indo-Pacific and apprehension it has been causing in the surrounding countries. In the next part, mention why multi-polar will prevail even in the changing geopolitical circumstances. This also provides India with an opportunity to make multi-polar order as its foreign policy priority as it will help it in dealing with China challenge. Also, many smaller countries see India as a countervailing power to resist China.
  • Conclude by mentioning the need for India to seize the opportunity provided by the changing geopolitical context.
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Arun Vashisht
Arun Vashisht
1 year ago

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