There is a view that the official secrets act is an obstacle to the implementation of the Rights to Information act. Do you agree with the view? Discuss (10 marks)

Mentor’s comment

  • In the intro, briefly state what is Official Secrets Act.
  • In the first part of the body, explain the rationale behind the Official Secrets Act and various provision of the act which deals with the information which is shielded from the public view like the information which poses threat to national integrity, helps in espionage, sedition etc. Citing this example stress the utility of the Official Secrets Act.
  • In the next part describe the purpose of the RTI- like ensuring transparency, accountability, citizens participation etc and describe how the provision to the two laws comes into conflict sometimes and could result into innocuous information being denied to the citizens under the garb of the Official Secrets Act. Also, provide the sections of RTI which give it primacy over the Official Secrets Act.
  • Conclude by stressing the needs to review of the provision of the Official Secrets Act and making it harmonious with the RTI.
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