Tribal and peasant movements and revolts were often put down in history as spontaneous movements, when uneducated, apolitical groups of people break forth in anger and not as conscious decision makers. But, the Santhals of the Rajmahal Hills did not revolt on a whim. Comment. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • Give a brief context about the Santhal and their uprising against ‘Dhikus’.
  • In the body, mention how many peasant and tribal revolts and rebellions were spontaneous, disorganized and reactionary. Give examples. In the next part, write about the Santhal Rebellion. Mention the causes for the outbreak of the rebellion in brief. In detail, write about how the Santhal Rebellion differed from others. In the nature of the movement – nature of grievances, oppression on the Santhals, Leadership, full fledged conflict, capture of land by Santhals and outcomes etc.
  • Conclude by writing about the legacy of the Santhal Hool.


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Divya Saxena
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Deepika Saini
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