Was the Vesara Style of architecture simple a confluence of Nagara style and Dravida style or did it have its own unique features? Analyse. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly introduce Vesara Style and how it was a mix of both Nagara Style and Dravida Style.
  • First part of the body should talk about the common features of both Vesara and Nagar style. The next part should focus about the common features of Vesara and Dravida style. The last part should clearly highlight the features which were Unique to Vesara style and not found in either Nagara Style or Dravida Style.
  • The conclusion should stress on the fact that though Vesara has many commonalities with Nagara and Dravida style there were few features unique to it.
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Geetanjali Pulagam
Geetanjali Pulagam
1 year ago

Kindly check

Dakshina Moorthy
Dakshina Moorthy
1 year ago

Please review

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