‘Weak value system in families eventually transcend to weak social, political and administrative systems, leading in turn to degeneration of the whole nation’. Comment. (15 Marks)

The individual is the first building block of the value architecture. The values that a person holds have been derived from family, friends, neighbors, teachers, mass media and so on.

  • The family value system inculcates the moral values of tolerance, non-violence, sympathy, compassion, harmony, etc.
  • But the development of values and the sense of one’s duty towards the nation, community and one’s self, and thinking skills do not find any place in the curriculum at any stage of a child’s development. As a consequence, there are explicit signs of erosion of values in practically every sphere of our life.
  • There is a circular relationship between individual and society in these respects in so far as individual behavior determines the way society moves and social values drive men the way they behave, each reinforcing the other.
  • Hence the erosion of values at the individual level creates a vicious cycle of erosion of values in all spheres which ultimately destroys the whole nation.
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