What are the challenges facing healthcare in India? How digital solutions can help in plugging the gaps in the healthcare infrastructure? 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-
  • https://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/leveraging-digi-health-ppp-and-focus-on-digital-can-make-healthcare-accessible-to-all/2152205/
  • In the intro, mention how pandemic exposed the inadequacies in the Indian healthcare system.
  • In the body, mention the various challenges like the urban-rural divide in the access to healthcare, lack of infrastructure, increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases, shortage of skilled workforce etc. In the next part, mention how digital solution can help in plugging these gaps by providing remote guidance, increasing accessibility, use of digital technology for disease prevention etc.
  • Conclude by mentioning the importance of strong healthcare for the country’s journey from developing country to a developed country.
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3 years ago


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