What are the factors which contributed to the rise of extremism or militant nationalism in India? Despite their heroic efforts, why did they failed to have significant impact on the Indian national movement? (250 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Explain about the militant nationalism which became a predominant philosophy of Indian nationalism. Introduction should talk how they became famous in short and about their impact, approaches and enthusiasm in freedom movement.

Further, mention about the causes for the rise of extremism or militant nationalism. The good points will constitute like, understanding the true nature of British rule, discontent over the council act of 1892, dissatisfaction with the performance of Congress, International influences etc.

Next, mention why did they fail to have significant impact. No effective leadership, no effective organisation, lack of leadership, passive resistance and non-cooperation remained the main idea, they confined the movement to limited people etc.

Next, mention what were the contributions of such groups and revolutionaries and conclude. We can quote the leader who impacted most in influencing people.