What are the myths and realities associated with GM food? Do you think India should maintain its still-rich genetic diversity for the future of our agriculture instead of going for GM crops? Critically comment. (150W/10M)





  • GM Food is a food which has been produced using organisms that have been engineered genetically (Genetically Modified Organisms) to survive in natural stresses also. This refers to as traditional cross breeding and involves selecting plants and animals with the most desirable characteristics (eg. Disease resistance, High Yield, Good Meat Quality) for breeding the next generation.


  • It is clear that the technology of genetic engineering is an evolving one and there is much, especially on its impact on human health and environment, which is yet to be understood properly.
  • One of the concerns raised strongly by those opposing GM crops in India is that many important crops like rice, brinjal, and mustard, among others, originated here, and introducing genetically modified versions of these crops could be a major threat to the vast number of domestic and wild varieties of these crops.
  • In fact, globally, there is a clear view that GM crops must not be introduced in centres of origin and diversity. India also has mega biodiversity hotspots like the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats which are rich in biodiversity yet ecologically very sensitive.
  • There is also a potential for pests to evolve resistance to the toxins produced by GM crops and the risk of these toxins affecting non-target organisms.
  • There is also the danger of unintentionally introducing allergens and other anti-nutrition factors in foods.
  • It is believed that the introduction of GM Crops will eliminate hunger and food insecurity whereas, the actual scenario says GM seeds are branded and out of the reach of common farmers.
  • Technology versus nature poses ethical issues whether man can change the natural equilibrium.
  • California based research organisation proved that the chemical glyphosate which is considered the safest herbicide is a harmone disrupter cancer causing chemical which affects endocrine hormone. Following which the Supreme Court appointed technical expert committee recommended a ban on any HT (Herbicide Tolerant) Crop in India for this and among several other reasons.


  • The primitive organic farming technologies will not be able to feed the ever increasing world population which is expected to grow more than 7.8 billion which is the reality.
  • Dependence on food crop imports like edible oil imports worth Rs 68,000 crore will be done away with by using GM Crops.
  • Several international organisations have reiterated the safety issue of GM Crops like FAO, WHO, OECD confirming them as safe and nutritious.
  • Local conditions checking of GM Crops always comes to play before providing commercial approval like GEAC trial in India.


  • In such a situation of dilemma the government decision should come after considering all the risks involved on the basis of scientific evidence made on field research. As far as protecting the rich genetic diversities of our crop is concerned, the Government can create seed vault on the lines of global seed vault, svalbard to avoid any future calamity. Otherwise the question of choosing hunger, population and death or long term health issues not yet proved will continue.
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Zendagi_ migzara
Zendagi_ migzara
5 years ago

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Pritam Kumar
5 years ago

-Introduction needs more explanation….
-The myths mentioned by you are too general…and are considered colloquial….we are supposed to bring more scientific points here…which are in real sense myths….
-Points mentioned are too general…
-2nd page 3rd para…the entire para is in one line….when India is rich in genetic diversity…we need to preserve it as per WHO findings…Its counter point is not supporting this idea…talk about preserving endogenous diversity in seed vault kind of arrangement…and then moving ahead with the current demands of feeding large masses….
-Though the idea in conclusion is good…
-Overall, the answer is in between average and good….
Though good attempt….may certainly improve further…
Keep writing…
Refer our model answer for better clarity….


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