What caused the rise of the Sufi movement in India? Discuss its spread and expansion in the country. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain Sufism.
  • In the body capture the following important dimensions:- Write in brief about the Sufi Movement; its origin, expansion etc. Sufism helped the assimilation of the Afghani Delhi Sultanate rulers within mainstream society. By building a syncretic medieval culture tolerant and appreciative of non-Muslims, Sufi saints contributed to a growth of stability, vernacular literature, and devotional music in India. Give the reasons that led to the rise of Sufi movement in the country. Elaborate on its impact on the society.
  • Conclude that through Sufi movement a deep-rooted change came about to lay the foundations of a liberal and composite Indian society.
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Arun Vashisht
Arun Vashisht
1 year ago

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Shivali Thakur
Shivali Thakur
1 year ago

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