What do you understand by Crisis of Conscience? Have you faced it in your life? How did you resolve it? (250 Words)

Mentors Comments:
1. Define crisis of conscience
2. Mention the event in your life- how it involved a crisis
3. Explain, neatly, how you resolved it.

Conscience is inner moral sense of a person which guides him/her to regulate his behaviour. Conscience comes to play when a person is in moral dilemma and need deep assessment of scenario and his behaviour.

Crisis of Conscience
 Crisis of conscience is a situation in which it is very difficult to decide what is the right thing to do. The term is also used when someone is worrying because they think that they have done something unfair or morally wrong.
 It is a case of ethical dilemma, but often in a more strong sense. When there is a crisis of conscience, the individual fear that his action may be against the voice of conscience and hence ethically wrong.
 Sometimes, we are not able to act in the way that is in compliance to our value and principles. Either due to some external exegencies or material greed, we, sometimes, sideline our voice of conscience and act in a contrary
 This, if done for a material greed, degrades our human nature and suppresses our conscience. However, there are also circumstances when, due to some external reasons beyond our control, we are not able to act according to our
beliefs. Such situations create a feeling of guilt and shame.

Incidence from Life– When I was a child, I took a few sweets from a shop, without paying for the same. However, the shop-keeper thought that the sweets have been taken by a poor person, who was standing besides me. He started beating him excessively. I got so scared that I did not speak to him the truth. Even though I wanted to save the person from the uncalled for misery, which was given to him because of my fault, I sidelined my voice of conscience due to the fear of getting beaten by him.

Ways to resolve-
The quote from the Baha’i teachings gives us three clear, specific guidelines for dealing with any crisis of conscience:
1. Equity and Justice;
2. Mercy and kindness;
3. Treat compassionately all humankind.

When we are having a crisis of conscience, and trying to answer a hard moral question, we need to ask ourself: What’s fair and just? How could I be most equitable here? The same values are exemplified in the Gandhi’s Talisman.

Conscience is a reaction of ourselves to ourselves, the voice of our true selves’ that guides us to achieve our full potential. Thus, it is imperative to tune our conscience with our value systems to minimize if not completely eliminate the feelings of remorse, guilt etc.

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