While Globalization has destroyed many traditional practices and Industries in India it has also given new lease of life to some of them who were on the ventilator. Examine. (250W/15M)

Mentors Comment:

The statement of the question is inclined to get your balanced perspective of Globalization on traditional practices and industries in India. Hence it will have both the discussions in the answer.

Start with introducing Globalization and its introduction in India.

Then discuss how globalization has negatively affected culture, traditions and industry in India. Don’t forget to mention the role of globalization on Indian agriculture here.

The important part of the answer will come here where you have to discuss the positive aspects of globalization on some of the old and forgotten traditions, industries of India. MSMEs, Yoga, Basmati, Ayurveda, Traditional Indian clothes are some of the examples on which you can base your points here.

Balance out the aspect of globalization in the conclusion without taking any side even though the question is framed in such a tone.

Model Answer:


  • Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and mutual sharing, and other aspects of culture. Though large-scale globalization began in the 19th century, however globalization in modern sense entered India after 1991 reforms.

Negative Impact of Globalisation on India:

  • Agriculture now contributes only about 15% to GDP.
  • The international norms imposed through globalisation have reduced government support to agriculture.
  • Greater integration of global commodities markets leads to constant fluctuation in prices.
  • With the rise of big businesses, globalisation has nearly killed the small traditional businesses in our society.
  • Globalization in India has destroyed many traditional practices and industries
  • For example under the influence of globalization joint family system is breaking down as concept of individualism is becoming popularized
  • Similarly some traditional handloom industries were wiped out due to globalization as they could not face the international competition unleashed by the forces of globalization.
  • Industries like jute suffered badly due to competition from Bangladesh and South East Asian countries.

How globalisation helped some dying sectors of India:

  • However though Globalization has badly affected many traditional practices and industries, it has also given a lease of life to many on ventilator.
  • Yoga is the biggest example of this because India had forgotten this ancient Indian Practice.
  • However due to globalization, it become popular in the west, which attracted attention of Indians themselves towards this almost extinct meditation practice and today Yoga as again regained it’s lost glory..
  • Small scale industry exists and still remains backbone of Indian Economy. All thanks to globalisation where they got integrated to international trade.
  • It now contributes to major portion of exports and private sector employment.
  • Riding on the wave of globalisation, many erstwhile Small and sick scale industries got bigger and better.
  • Similarly we have almost forgotten wearing of our traditional dresses but due to globalization it become popular in the west which reignited our attention to these wardrobes and currently they are again wore by Indians in marriages and functions.
  • Even Indian classical music which had almost lost its audience in India was given new lease of life because of globalization.
  • Due to globalization it spread much quickly into the west and instruments like Sitar and Sarod had currently become very popular instrument in the west.
  • Due to this new generation of musician are emerging in these classical instruments.
  • Outsourcing sector was given a new lease due to globalization and currently 3 million people are employed in IT sector.
  • Technology has helped preserve some of the dying artifacts, documents, local languages and also exposed Indians to various global arts/movies etc.
  • At the same time, traditional medicinal values of India like Ayurveda got a new lease of life through impact of globalisation and now a booming tourism and export industry is relying on the Ayurveda and other traditional medicinal value system of India.


  • Generally speaking, India is better placed to take up challenge of globalization in this case. The effects of globalization on Indian Industry have proved to be positive as well as negative. The government of India must try to make such economic policies with regard to Indian Industry’s Globalization that are beneficial and not harmful. If done in sustainable and inclusive manner, it will have a huge multiplier impact on whole economy.
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Zendagi_ migzara
Zendagi_ migzara
5 years ago

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comment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago

Hello Priyadarshi Raj…
-Your answer seems to be good…but lacks conclusion…
-Introduction is good…with beautifully explained points…supplied with examples are a good one…
-Answer could have been excellent…if conclusion have been brought…
-Try incorporating more examples…this will give you upper hand in scoring good…
overall nice attempt…good approach…
keep writing…
marks awarded: 6.5/15

5 years ago

comment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  CD0705

Hello CD0705
-Your introduction is good…
-You could have brought more points in -ve impact…though these points are also very good…
-Positive impacts are good…
-Try giving your own new ideas in conclusion (rational ideas)…this conclusion seems to be very general…
However a good attempt….answer seem to be fulfilling the demands of the question…so well written and arranged…
Nice approach…keep writing…
Marks awarded: 6.5/15

Puru Rajput
Puru Rajput
5 years ago

comment image comment image comment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  Puru Rajput

Hello…Puru Rajput
-I would like you to consider my suggestion first…
-The entire page is not for writing…leave margin on both edge of the page…as of UPSC format…
-Click picture of image in vertical order so that entire page gets displayed same from all side…
Coming on ans…content of the answer is good…except intro…
-Introduction is too poor…Here we need to talk in essence what is the globalization…? Historical background is not required…
-Point 3 on first page…It could be effect of labour market and not MSMEs…MSMEs have been in profit due to global market…clarity needed…
-The rest of the points are okay…
-conclusion also seems to be good…
-overall this answer can be placed between good and average…
Nice attempt…Keep writing…
Marks awarded: 5/15

Puru Rajput
Puru Rajput
5 years ago
Reply to  Pritam Kumar

Thanks a lot Pritam i was looking for some mentor who can gide i will surely follow ur advice .I have writeen 80-90 answers on insight ias but there were all students and no proper suggestions were coming .Thanks civils daily.

5 years ago

Please review sircomment imagecomment imagecomment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  SRP

-Introduction is okay…
-The demand of the question is more on economic side…but the points mentioned refers more about non-economical aspects…social, politics, education, banking etc…
-I could not find any Negative impact of globalization in answer…
-Though some economical concept you have mentioned in Under Positive Effects…but these are also very poor points considering the demand of the question…

Write on the proper format leaving proper margin on both the edges of the page…
-Refer our model answer for better clarity…
Keep writing…

5 years ago
Reply to  Pritam Kumar

Thanks you so much sir for reply. I thought ,the question is asking about overall impact. Your review is helping me a lot ways.

5 years ago

CDTEST 20378comment imagecomment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  Invincible

Hello Invincible…
-Your answer is too general…
-Though introduction is good…and some of the points you have mentioned is of economic importance…but these points seem to be very general…
-Try incorporating some examples…to bring specification in your points…
Overall its a general answer…need to be more focused…
-Nice attempt…keep writing…
Marks awarded: 4/15


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