Why it is sometimes believed that feelings are better guide to action than reasons? Critically analyze. (150 W)

Mentors Comment:

“Consulting logic and emotions and taking them both as valuable guide is important for taking decisions.” Thats the theme of the questions. 

So base your discussion on these lines. 

Also dont forget to mention the importance of reasoning in many cases. 

Give suitable examples for both of the traits. 


The ethicality of Humans actions are defined by the following three conditions:
(i) the ability to anticipate the consequences of one’s own actions;
(ii) the ability to make value judgments; and
(iii) the ability to choose between alternative courses of action. In other words knowledge and free will is important for human actions.
• Thus sound decision making process is important for ethical human actions. However, while taking decisions feeling (emotions) and reason plays an important role.
• Feeling act as the primitive source of right and wrong. Individual or group take decisions primarily through social considerations, listening to their heart or considering the feelings of others. It expresses emotional attitudes or empathy in the decisions.
• Whereas in rationality, while taking decisions an overall optimization approach is expressed in attempt to maximize advantages or gains and to minimize disadvantages or losses.
• The activities of one system are automatic and often emotional, whereas the activities of the other are controlled and never emotional. The automatic system get things done quickly, but it is prone to error as the feelings may change with situation. Whereas, the controlled decision done by reason is to keep a watchful eye and to make corrections when necessary. The logical answer doesn’t change from day to day.
• The above point states that reason act as better guide for decision making.
• However, many a times human being make mistakes using logic to make decisions because decisions are not solely based on facts, values are also part of that. At this point emotions play an important role.
• For example: If a child is involved in child labour act, according to law their parents are guilty and action can be taken against them. At this moment decisions cannot be solely based on laws, ethics equally play an important role and the main underline reason of the act should be removed by providing proper rehabilitation.

Thus, consulting logic and emotions and taking them both as valuable guide is important for taking decisions.In Civil Services also reasons are important to make continuity in decision making process. However, empathy and compassion cannot be ignored all together.

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