You are transferred to Food and Civil Supplies department of Mirzapur as the Assistant Director. Before you report, you make a call to a college friend of yours who is a local news reporter to enquire about the affairs of the district. He tells you that, corruption is rampant across the administration including the Food and Civil Supplies Department. Not only that, those officers who do not fall in line are coerced to give in by force by local politicians and their goons. As you report, you see that many of trucks carrying grains to be distributed as PDS are being diverted to the black market for rebranding and selling at higher prices. You immediately swing in to action and stop the trucks for inspection and you ascertain that indeed they were being diverted for the black market. You ask the local station to book a case but the SHO refuses citing political pressure. But irrespective of that you do not allow the trucks to move and seize them for the time being. Next day you are visited by Mr Munna Tripathi, who is the son of the local MLA. He offers you a hefty bribe which you out rightly refuse. Upon refusing he threatens you with dire consequences if the trucks are not allowed to leave within the next 24 hours. What are the options in front of you? Analyze the pros and cons of the each. Which option will you choose? 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction mention the facts of the case and the major ethical issues involved along with the stakeholders.
  • In the body give the alternatives which you can take as the course of action. Evaluate their pros and cons.Give solutions for any cons
    that arise from the possible solution.
  • In the conclusion stress on the importance of fortitude in Civil Servants especially in the light of the above case
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