You are working as an Execution officer (EO) in a Zila. You have been given responsibility to measure MGNREGA works undertaken by 3 gram panchayats. You have authority to give administrative sanctions to all MGNREGA works. In one of these panchayats you noticed that your predecessor had wrongly measured many works, and in many cases he had approved works that never existed. One day few elected members of that panchayat with bundle of job cards come to you to seek ‘sanction’ for the works done by them. When enquired, they reveal that they were contractors who had completed works under MGNREGA. When you reject their demand, they threaten you and tell you that the previous EO was made to quit his job because he didn’t listen to them. This is your first job and is very important to sustain your family. There have been precedents in the past that some officials were beaten to death in some parts of the Zila. What will you do in this situation? Explain in detail citing rules from MGNREGA Act. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly state the facts of the case.
  • In the body explain the provision of social audit for MGNREGA. Discuss the possible events of actions you would take as an EO; Throw light on the virtues of courage and uprightness and need for showing virtues.
  • Conclude with suitable solution to address the issue at hand.
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Shambhu Sasmal
3 months ago

MNREGA act was enacted to provide a fix number of working days surety to the unskilled people and guaranteed wages along with creation of social infrastructure. Any wrong doings in this process, will deprive the poor people from getting the job, will create pseudo infrastructure which will hinder the economy. I will make the main objective of this act to fail and will increase the corruption.
In this situation, I will not approve it. Standing with courage and integrity during the crisis period is most important thing. I will face the real threat and not to act on their will which is wrong.
I will do the following thing in my capacity:
1. Will do the social Audit
2. Cancel the fund already allocated to the project which doesn’t exists in real
3. Will start the legal action in my capacity under MNREGA act furnishing all the evidences I have collected
4. Will inform my higher management and take advice
5. Will use digital media to sensitize the public about the wrongdoings happening under MGNREGA work

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