You have been recently posted as Superintendent of Police of a district which has a famous temple. Shortly thereafter you found that there is considerable tension in your district on the issue of allowing entry of women in the temple. The women were trying to break the allegedly 400-year-old tradition of the temple, which banned women from entering its inner sanctum. Recently a 350-strong group of women was stopped by the the temple administration from entering the temple. This led to a scuffle wherein few women participating in the protest were manhandled. There is a pressure on you from local politicians who want you to prevent any such forced entry as elections are approaching. (a) Do you think there is a dichotomy between progressive values guaranteed to women by the Constitution and regressive traditions which continue in the garb of religion? How can this dichotomy be resolved? (b) How would you manage the law and order situation created by the forced entry? (c) How would you manage and mould patriarchal attitude of the temple administrators and male elders to ensure harmony. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain the case study.
  • In the body , first give a brief introduction of the case and issues involved. Then explain the apparent clash between constitutional values and regressive traditional value involved in the case. Then bring out the steps required to manage the law and order situation. At last explain the measures required for changing patriarchal attitude of the elders.
  • Conclude with the way forward.
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