Young people with ethical conduct are not willing to come forward to join active politics. Suggest steps to motivate them to come forward. (150W/10M)


Mentor’s Comment: Explain the perception of politics among youth. The reasons for such perceptions i.e. the dealing of today’s politics like corruption, criminality etc.

Bring the possible reasons why the ethical minds are not attracted towards politics.

Mention that the politics is not bad by bringing points in support of good politics. Then suggest various ways to attract youths towards politics.

Model Answer:


  • Politics in India is considered something which is very dirty. The criminalization of politics, criminals getting elected, reflection of its bad image by media, illegal practices for winning election as well as for maintaining power etc. has created a bad image of politics in general masses. It is seen as a field for the uneducated, the uncouth, the jobless and the scum of society. This is unduly harsh and prevents the youth from entering into this arena.

The reasons why the ethical young minds are not attracted towards politics are:

  • Economic condition of individual: With a rising population, scarcity of resources and job opportunities, and fierce competition in any given job market, the priorities of the youth does not include public service and welfare. The average populations in this country are busy about fulfilling their own priorities and needs rather than being a politician and social workers.
  • The psychological fear of having criminal cases pending in their name along with the strict background checks before employment for criminal records makes sure that the youth interested in politics, but who also want to enjoy a good standard of living, become only mere spectators instead of active participants in the democratic process.
  • Underhanded nature of the field: All is fair in war and politics. The moment one enters politics and comes into the limelight, it becomes a no holds barred dirt slinging festival. Defamation becomes an everyday occurrence. Criticisms become everywhere’s affair and one will be painted into the worst possible light, digging up every skeleton to show downwards in the eyes of public.
  • Less Rewarding: Politics, unlike professional careers are not instantly rewarding and required prolonged risk involved with unending hardwork.
  • No Role Model: Role model influences people especially the youth to participate in certain field of his/her. The current scenario of politics lacks the existence of such role model who in actual sense motivates the youth with his/her decisions and actions.

Moreover, the true politics is not bad per se. Politics is an important aspect for the governance of any country. It involves the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power, policy formulation and implementation with general consensus which affect large number of people.

Ways to motivate youngsters for joining politics:

  • Institution plays greater role in shaping the minds of individual. The curriculum about the good faces of politics, the achievements of good leaders and innovative ideas about politics should be taught in school levels to make young minds aware about politics and its outcomes. Like other fields of profession, Politics should also be considered an open option by the parents as a career prospect for their children.
  • The knowledge enhancement about politics, political work and job profile is important to make general people aware about the work of politics and its members. Youth in college and university level should be encouraged to participate in campus politics and public welfare work which will provide practical experience along with their academic knowledge.
  • Politics like other career prospects should be made lucrative by legal emoluments so as to attract more candidate in order to earn and live a happy life at the same time bring innovate ideas about legislation, policies and decision making.
  • At last the veterans should act as role model by setting the height of their work for public welfare as done by Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Patel etc.
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Sandeep Goyal
Sandeep Goyal
5 years ago

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Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  Sandeep Goyal

Hello Sandeep…
-Introduction is very poor…as the quote mentioned is not complete in itself…it certainly has different context…
-The reason mentioned are too poor…we need to explain in order to justify the points…
-Under heading…steps to motivate…these points too lack proper justification…
-Conclusion is a bit okay…okay…
Overall an below average answer…may certainly improve further
Keep writing…
Refer our model answer for better clarity…

5 years ago

comment image comment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  hiddenwarrior

Hi Hidden warrior…
-Introduction is good…though more ideas can be incorporated here…
-In para 2 the perception itself can not be the reason (as mentioned in introductory para)…Reason can be like…Economic condition of individual, the psychological fear, Underhanded nature of the field, less rewarding, no good role model etc…
-Also mention what actually the true politics is apart from perceptions…
Under suggestions: all points are for bringing electoral reforms…what about motivating the youths…changing the youths perceptions…like pursuing politics as a career goal similar to other job (as civil service) etc…

Overall the first part is good with one or two points only…but the 2nd part need modification…
Though good attempt…may certainly improve further…keep writing…

5 years ago

CD test 20242comment imagecomment image

Pritam Kumar
5 years ago
Reply to  Vin

-Introduction is very poor and shows you have no idea collections…the words of the question itself is being repeated in intro…
-Intro should talk about the perceptions…which common people are having in their mind…like politics as a criminal activity, work of the uneducated, jobless person, uncouth etc…It is these perceptions which drives the youth today…..
-Under reasons…You have provided the perceptions and not the actual reasons…Point no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…Why component is missing…this why component is the reason…
-Under suggestion…You are talking about bringing reforms in election process…Point no. 4 is not possible in India as India being democratic…Peoples’ will is free U/A 19 of Indian Cons…
Point 5…what sort of incentives…whether incentive of encouragement will be more appropriate…?
Point 6…Since independence…we are still talking about only 33% reservation in Indian Parliament….it has not been fulfilled yet…then how for youth…? also preventing dynastics politics…restriction…etc…will not be the proper way to comprehend…

Overall, its a below average answer…Ethics require micro level clarity…in thought, ideas, presentation, use of words etc…
However, a good attempt….certainly you have to work more…and we are here to suggest the proper path….Keep writing…

5 years ago
Reply to  Pritam Kumar

Okay. Thank you sir. I will definitely work more. Please keep reviewing.
Thank you.


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