Your husband is watching a news report on rape along with your 8 year old daughter. The report is airing graphic pictures of rape and murder scenes. Your father-in-law who is also watching the report comments that your daughter is not safe on the streets and she should be taught how to dress from now itself so that she would be safe when she grows up. Your husband concurs. In the same hall you are helping your son with his homework while listening to all the conversations happening in the hall. In between your son, who is 12 year old, keeps asking you about what rape is, who commits it and why every news channel is talking about only this issue etc. You are focusing only on his homework and not reacting to anything. Identify the various issues in the case study and give your opinion on them. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction write the issue of media coverage of heinous crimes. While coverage is essential and creates awareness, inciting graphics with vivid coverage of brutal acts needs to be censored.
  • In the body explain that airing pictures of rape victims’ bodies, even with blurred faces should be out rightly censored. Awareness is important, traumatizing isn’t. Then write the society’s perception of rape. Stress on the question of spreading awareness about social crimes among children, especially teenagers. While it is beneficial to educate them, it must be ensured that the medium of communication is proper.
  • Conclude with suitable solutions to address such issues.
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