Maritime India Summit 2016 April, Proposed Plan’s gist.

Maritime India Summit 2016 April
general outline of proposed development plan.

A) Digital India
●Online booking for passenger facilities
●Maritime Payment Gateway
●IT solutions for online survey of inland waters
● 3D movies about maritime activities.
●CCTV surveillance
● Coastal communication network (mobile operators for data voice over package to port operators)

2) Connecting India
●Ferry services
● Rowing services
● Hovercraft
● Amphibians bus
● Sea Plane
● Port operators

3)Incredible India
●Marina area development
●Marine Park
● Dolphin Park
● Floting hotels
● Cruise Services
●Water sports
● Island development

4) Skill India
● Marine University
● Water sports management
●Beach Management school
●Sand art school

5) Nirmal Sagar( Total Sanitation)
● Coastal cleaning teachings
● Innovative and environment friendly techniques for clean beaches

6) Green Energy
● Developing Solar, wind and other unconventional energy terminals and beaches.

7) Capacity Building
●ISO certificates
● Carbon credit consultants
●ADB/ MMB recruitment.


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