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Essay FLT Programme 2021

The essay must be prepared first if you are appearing 2021 Main Exam. This is also the right time to start essay for those who will appear in 2022. The importance of essays for the exam cannot be overstated.

While the performance of students is more or less the same in GS papers (especially 1,2,3), but in the case of essays, the variation of marks is rather huge (from 60s to 160s). Yes, a single Essay paper can create a gulf of 100 marks. Obviously, this can’t be filled!

Writing a good essay can be very challenging and confusing. Time and again we’ve received many queries from students like:

  1. Reviews provide additional points but don’t address the inherent shortcomings and deficiency in my skills.
  2. Will reading ready-made sample essays help me prepare for essays?
  3. Don’t know how to start an essay, how to organize one.
  4. Can we do well in essays without practicing by re-using our GS paper knowledge alone?
  5. Is there a universal format that I can stick to?
  6. Content related- some suffer from information overload other from information deficit.
  7. Importance of rough work for essays.
  8. Difficulty in balancing time and quality in both topics.

That’s why we’ve invested a great deal of energy to create a program the likes of which are offered by no one else.

What is the Essay Full-Length Tests Programme 2021?

What makes the program distinctive is – its process-driven approach. The process may have some common minimum steps for all but your individuality in the form of your essay writing is paramount. Here comes the role of a mentor with whom a reliable one-to-one discussion will certainly be a game-changer. 

What are we offering and how is it unique?

Not information-centric, rather analytical and critical style of Essay writing. Our focus is on personalized attention in evaluation, execution, and course correction

CEP Methodology: 

  1. Orientation Session – brainstorming, thesis statement, types of introduction, way to conclude, main body arguments and their organisation in your essay.
  2. Pre-test discussion on the theme for building the arguments and content.
  3. Post-test one-on-one discussion with evaluated copy.

Highly relevant, precise, and thoughtful topic selection

Our research tells us there are 8 broad themes of essays being asked since 2010 – Economy, Polity, Women Issues, Education, Science & Tech, Philosophy, IR, Miscellaneous.

  1. Social Issues- Women Issues, Social Movements, Class, Caste, Youth, Geriatric
  2. Economy, 
  3. Political System and Governance 
  4. Human Development- Health, Education, Employment
  5. Science & Technology- IT/ITeS, AI
  6. Ethical, Abstract or Philosophical, 
  7. IR
  8. Miscellaneous

An innovative methodology for reviews

Our biggest innovation lies in our review methodology. Specific portions of your essay will be highlighted with symbols to indicate issues in essay writing:

  1. FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS like judgments/strong postures which need to be avoided at all costs.
  2. APPRECIATION for uniqueness.
  3. STRUCTURE is not maintained. Issues with Language and expression.
  4. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS for candidates.

Along with this, Arpit sir will also leave specific reviews on strengths and weaknesses.

We don’t want to merely suggest additional points that can be googled by the student themselves or point out superficial flaws like not ‘sticking to the topic’. They don’t necessarily highlight the shortcomings in the essay. This adds very little value to students. We go much beyond that and help students fix major flaws in their essays.

10 parameters on which your essays are going to get evaluated

  1. Comprehension of the topic
  2. Language and Expression
  3. Structure and Organisation of thought.
  4. Objectivity and Biases. Balance of perception
  5. Attitude whether a learner or judgmental
  6. Focus and attention
  7. Content and Source matter, Knowledge and information processing capability
  8. Ability to forge links in an interdisciplinary manner
  9. The simplicity of disposition
  10. Observational Skills

Model essays with indicative structure and good essay copies 

You will be provided with good essay copies to serve as sample answers. This is a better alternative than sample answers which are hastily written and at times not updated with the latest figures.

Students have an incorrect impression that going through a sample essay will somehow help them write better essays. This is absolutely incorrect.

To develop your competency in tackling different topics, you have to be able to come up with appropriate structures. This aspect of the program addresses this issue.

The expectation from you would be that you study the solutions in detail and try to address the shortcomings in your essays. Should doubts still persist, we’re here to help.

One-to-one Mentorship and CivilsDaily’s handholding

This component of the program is the most important. Post-evaluation of your essay test you will get on a one-to-one discussion with Arpit sir. He will discuss the topic in considerable depth, appropriate structure, pitfalls to avoid, etc.

Along with that, Sir will also discuss copies presenting different styles in which the essays could be attempted.

Membership to an exclusive group on Habitat

Habitat is our learning platform, here you’ll be given membership to an exclusive Essay group. This group will be administered by Arpit sir, Sajal sir, in-service officers, rankers, and other mentors.

For essays, you need multiple perspectives to understand a topic or an issue in its entirety. You need discussions; arguments; confluence, confrontation, and integration of ideas. Here, discussions will be facilitated by mentors and enriched by different viewpoints by peers. Moreover, you can ask and discuss any of your doubts with peers and Arpit sir.

Besides these, you will receive the following

  • Any additional material that we release for essays.
  • Notes and reference material including good articles, essays, etc. on Habitat group.

Program inclusion

  1. 6 FLTs
  2. Detailed orientation for beginners
  3. Process building Sessions 
  4. Content/Approach Building Sessions
  5. Model essays
  6. One-to-one mentorship
  7. Membership to exclusive Essay group on Habitat
  8. Notes and references on Habitat
  9. Topic-wise arranged PYQs

Time-table Essay Full-Length Tests:

Test 131st October 2021
Test 210th November 2021
Test 320th November 2021
Test 430th November 2021
Test 510th December 2021
Test 6 20th December 2021

About Arpit Sir:

Arpit sir is an Engineer by qualification and a teacher by inclination. He has experience of all the stages of UPSC and is in the coaching industry for about 8 years with diverse exposure. For him, process is more important than instant gratification as once learnt then it is the Process that will ensure exam outcome.

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1 year ago

Good post

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1 year ago
Reply to  Oliver Glenn

I agree
But I still think it’s pretty difficult. They painted a huge plan for the learning process, and besides, it is not clear what result this will give. I don’t see any reviews or reviews. It seems to me that it is more profitable and faster to buy an essay than to take courses for the sake of it.

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