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14th June (Wednesday) 2023 | LIVE Masterclass by Sukanya Ma’am | Art of Mains Answer writing with 30 min LIVE Format

Supercharge your UPSC Mains GS answer writing preparation with the exceptional session by Sukanya Ma’am. If you have cleared Prelims ’23, don’t miss out on the most important webinar to evaluate your answer writing skills across GS 1, 2, 3, and 4.

It’s a valuable opportunity to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and enhance your performance. And if you couldn’t clear, seize this chance to gain early insights into the art of effective answer writing for the entire GS syllabus. Register now to receive four comprehensive questions each from GS 1, GS 2, GS 3, and GS 4, ensuring holistic practice and success in the UPSC mains exam.

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Table of Content

To excel in the UPSC Mains examination of 2023-2024, aspiring candidates can greatly benefit from practicing live answer writing using copies of UPSC 2022 rankers. 

UPSC’22 Ranker AIR-16 Shishir Kumar Singh

Rankers Like Shishir Kumar Singh (AIR-16), GVS Pavanadatta (AIR-22) Aaditya Pandey (AIR-48), and IAS Soham Mandhare Mukund Singh Chahar (AIR-273) have achieved exceptional success and have showcased their expertise through their well-crafted answers. By studying their copies, candidates will gain valuable insights into the art of answering questions effectively, thereby enhancing their own writing skills. 

Join Sukanya Ma’am’s captivating LIVE webinar on Monday, where she’ll demonstrate the art of mastering UPSC Mains answer writing in just 30 minutes in a live format. With a focus on our comprehensive RMPG Test series, she will guide you in deciphering the finest and most likely questions, empowering you to craft exceptional answers that stand out. Don’t miss this impressive opportunity!

Webinar Details:

Topic: Practice Live GS Mains Answer Writing in 30 Minutes in a LIVE format & Get 4 Questions from each GS 1, 2, 3 and 4

Date: 14th June (Wednesday), 2023

Time: 7 PM onwards

Mode: Online (Zoom Meeting Link will be sent via registered email address)

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • Aspirants who are sure to clear UPSC 2023 and want to find & fill critical gaps in their Mains preparation.
  • Aspirants who want to have the right roadmap for Mains’23 Preparation’.
  • UPSC candidates who are doing self-study.
  • UPSC Mains 2023-24 aspirants who want to have a solid grip on Mains exam GS topics.
  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who will be starting from scratch
  • UPSC 2023 Mains aspirants who want to start mains prep at full throttle.
  • Aspirants who are struggling with time management
  • Aspirants who are not able to decipher the pattern and ‘new ways of UPSC’
  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who want effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in their preparation

What to expect in this Live Masterclass

  • How to find the finest and the most probable questions from our Test series.
  • How to understand the demand of a question fully and correctly before contemplating an answer for it. 
  • How toppers develop a basic mental framework of the answer before committing anything on the paper
  • It is very difficult to write anything for the examiner. So, what is the best way to introduce as well as conclude your answer?
  • How to focus on Questions’ directives and comply with a minimum but an effective requirement.
  • How to divide the main body of the answer into paragraphs or bullets as required.
  • How long should your introduction and conclusion be? What do toppers practice?
  • Where to and how to apply opinion-based answers!
  • The correct approach to writing a fact-based answer
  • How to maintain ‘accuracy’, ‘brevity’, and ‘Clarity’ in each and every answer
  • How to do a comparative analysis of toppers’ approach. How do they create an on-demand answer and how do they follow the answer writing basic rules- ‘Brainstorming’, ‘Outlining’, ‘Idea/Argume

You can’t afford such an opportunity to learn UPSC GS Mains answer writing in just 30 min in a live format. Join Masterclass

What’s RMPG Program?

RMGP 2023 is a Toppers-guided comprehensive and intensive program for GS Mains. Become UPSC Mains ready with UPSC Rankers, Sukanya ma’am, and mentors by learning the fundamentals and intricacies of Answer Writing, practicing Mains Answer writing, attempting UPSC level tests, getting evaluated by top faculties, and improving under personalized mentorship.

Talk to IAS IPS rankers for Mains 2023 strategy

UPSC’22 Top Rankers have to say

CivilsDaily’s FREE Masterclass package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

  • PDF of 4 Questions from RMPG Test Series each from GS 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Mains 2023-2024 Toolkit
  • Samachar Manthan FREE Module

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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