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UPSC CSE is considered the toughest exam in the world but the nature of the exam is such that it doesn’t require any specialized study in the major part of the paper (GS papers- both Prelims and Mains). It is believed that if the fundamentals are strong, it must take just one attempt to clear it.

This is evident from the trend of many first-timers, just out of college, being able to clear in the first attempt.

The nature and standard of questions in the General Studies papers will be such that a well-educated person will be able to answer them without any specialized study. The questions will be such as to test a candidate’s general awareness of a variety of subjects, which will have relevance for a career in Civil Services. The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands. The candidates must give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers (in the mains)

From UPSC’s Official Notification

This highlights the necessity of building a strong foundation for the exam. Since current affairs constitute the bulk of the questions both in Prelims and Mains, and the rest of the questions from static concepts covered in standard books, especially NCERTs, you need to have a great command over these two.

You will get the opportunity for 1-1 discussion with Dimple ma’am

Dimple ma’am will be taking up a (FREE) Open to all Masterclass on 3rd October 2022 at 7:30 pm

Table of content:

  1. The necessity of building strong fundamentals
  2. Details of the Masterclass
  3. FREE Preparatory package

..strong fundamentals can’t be built only by reading and reading. Do a comparative study with current affairs and brush NCERTs accordingly up. IAS 2023 will be yours.

Dimple, Senior Faculty @ CivilsDaily

UPSC Masterclass Details: 3rd October, (Monday) at 7:30 PM.

Important topics to be discussed in the Masterclass by Dimple ma’am, Senior Faculty @ Civilsdaily.

  • Covering and focussing on Essential NCERTs and standard books. How to make a comparative study, how to maintain balancing revision, etc from both.
  • How to cover current affairs for Prelims and Mains? Current affairs are changing all the time so, how to cope with current affairs like toppers will also be discussed.
  • Making notes: Reflecting the beauty of current affairs, how to try to provide yourself with productive, knowledgeable, and integrated information about topics as broad as Indian society, foreign affairs, and Govt schemes, Etc. 
  • The untold secret of ‘how & from where UPSC asks direct questions from NCERTs. Because of how thin they are but they are the ones who carry the solutions to all our problems.
  • How to build command over NCERTs is going to be another crucial point of this awesome session.
  • As per the changing pattern whether only CBSE NCERTs of class XI and XII are important or Tamil Nadu NCERTs also to be good to follow will be discussed elaborately.
  • Is UPSC asking more and more offbeat current affairs questions? If yes, how to deal with and what is the one-stop solution source to prepare for UPSC’s current affairs?
  • How NCERTs help us to comprehend whether a current affairs topic is important or not. How to build an impenetrable fundamental concept to make an ‘Intelligent Guessing’.
  • Along with NCERTs how many advanced reference books are actually needful? 
  • Whether it is UPSC Prelims or mains, how to cover NCERTs, how to revise and memorize current affairs, etc. all very very important facts will be thoroughly discussed in this masterclass.

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  3. Prelims Weekly MCQ PDF
  4. Mains 250+ Value notes
  5. Current month’s Monthly Magazine

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About Dimple Chouhan

Dimple Chouhan is a senior IAS faculty at CivilsDaily. She has been mentoring UPSC aspirants for 4 years now and has mentored 150+ aspirants to Prelims success.

You will get a chance to discuss 1-1 with Dimple ma’am in the Masterclass.

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