Webinar Alert: Slots are Closing || 10 Fundamental mistakes which can spoil your first attempt: Learn from our core mentors: How to avoid it?|| Ask Us Anything (Obviously On UPSC IAS)

Dear Aspirants,

You know the struggle of preparing for the UPSC Exam all too well, don’t you? You go through it every day! But do you ever wonder how Mentors at CivilsDaily IAS performed during their time and What did they learn from the Mistakes they Committed

How are they now using the learnings out of their own mistakes and are helping aspirants work out the best strategies suited to them. How are they keeping themselves up-to-date day in and day out now? And on top of them what makes this process so consistent year after year? 

How do they prepare the study materials for you? How do they manage their own time? And more…

Our super mentors Sajal sir, Sudhanshu sir, Ajay sir, Sukanya mam, and Santosh sir will give you an exclusive insight into the work that goes behind mentoring the most serious UPSC candidates over a Freewheeling Open Webinar Session this Saturday.

Now what will make this session even more meaningful is their unique depth of self-introspection with respect to UPSC IAS, which is often missed by those who clear the exam. So you will hear directly from the horse’s mouth. 

This would be an Open Session where you’d have an opportunity to interact with the Core Faculties at CivilsDaily IAS and learn from their own experience at handling the issues of many individual aspirants including Toppers too. 

Learn the best ways of remaining consistent and performing at the highest level every day, just like our mentors. Ask questions and gain from their personal experiences during the “Ask The Mentor” session this Saturday evening. 

This is a completely FREE opportunity for all serious UPSC. 

What to Expect: 

  1. Personal learnings from Senior Mentors at CivilsDaily IAS 
  2. Mistakes Committed by them in their very first attempt and what lessons you can take from these mistakes.
  3. Ask the Mentor session as Q&A interaction
  4. Exam Strategy with CivilsDaily IAS  “ 5 Hour Mantra for 2021 “
  5. Exam Strategy for UPSC IAS 2022 
  6. Exam Specific Fact Content for Complete Economics for UPSC Civil Services 
  7. Economic Survey & Budget Videos Exclusively made for CivilsDaily IAS Students 
  8. Three Weeks Samachar Manthan News Analysis for UPSC IAS 
  9. Sample MEP Test Copies handled by Sukanya Madam 

Date- 14th August

Time- 5:30 P.M.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch