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Hello Students,

Are you preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam? Then you must start your preparation as soon as possible because only a graduate degree is enough to become an IAS officer. Let’s explore why NCERTs are the part and parcel of the UPSC journey!

UPSC-CSE exam is fair and just for all the aspirants of the country. So, the Commission follows the Universal and best sources which are easily accessible to every single student. And that’s why NCERTs books are highly recommendable to start with before Advanced Books. But, at the same time, we shouldn’t cover all the NCERT books from cover to cover. Very selective studies are needful. 

NCERTs Books for Prelims & Mains:


For a basic preparation for the prelims and mains, students can start with the NCERT history book to begin their history preparation. These books have proven to be extremely useful for students coming from business or science backgrounds.

For History, you have to follow old NCERTs

  • Ancient India (Class XII) by RS Sharma: This covers the ancient Indian history syllabus completely.
  • Medieval India (Class XI) by Satish Chandra
  • Modern India (Class XII) by Bipin Chandra: Best book for UPSC Medieval History.

And the questions from Art & Culture are asked from ancient and medieval history so, you have to read overlapping with History

Art & Culture Books: 

  • Class-11: an introduction to Indian Art.
  • Class-11: living Craft Traditions of India  (Chapters 9 and 10)
  • Class-12: Crafts Traditions of India


Knowing Indian and world geography is very important. The maps and information provided about the different climatic zones in the NCERT Geography book help to give many answers about geography.

If you’re a science background student, you should start from very basic.

  • Class 6: The Earth: Our Habitat
  • Class 7: Our Environment
  • Class 8: Resources and Development
  • Class 9: Contemporary India-I
  • Class 10: Contemporary India-II

If you’re an arts background student, just read the above NCERTs 1 or 2 times.

The Geography NCERTs all of you read, revise and take notes:

  • Class 11: Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Class 11: India- Physical Environment
  • Class 12: Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • Class 12: People and Economy


Political science covers the legal and fundamental aspects of the country, which makes it a very important subject. 

  • Class 9: Demographic Politics I
  • Class 10: Demographic politics II
  • Class 11: Indian Constitution at work
  • Class 11: Political Theories
  • Class 12: Contemporary World Politics
  • Class 12: Politics in India since Independence


The subject of the Indian economy covers the present and past economic aspects of India, which makes it an important subject. It is very important to know the basics of the UPSC exam. 

  • Class 9: Economics
  • Class 10: Understanding Economic Development
  • Class 11: Indian Economic Development
  • Class 12: Introductory Microeconomics
  • Class 12: Introductory macroeconomics

Indian Society: 

Understanding the science behind the activities of society is very important especially when you are aspiring to be a government employee. Download the NCERT Sociology book from here.

  • Indian Society: NCERT Class VI- Social Science; Social & Political Life I
  • Indian Society: NCERT Class VII- Social Science; Social & Political Life II
  • Indian Society: NCERT Class VIII- Social Science; Social & Political Life III
  • Indian Society: NCERT Class XI- Sociology: Understanding Society
  • Indian Society: NCERT Class XII- Indian Society
  • Indian Society: NCERT Class XII- Social Changes and Development in India

Science and Technology:

It is important to have adequate knowledge of general science in UPSC. To be able to answer science and technology-related questions you must look at NCERT science books because they cover a lot of information.

If you’re a non-science background student, start from Class VI NCERTs.

Final Lines: There is no doubt that NCERT books are a bundle of information, although created for school students, they also cover relevant topics that are a vital part of the UPSC curriculum. Helps UPSC candidates to learn significant subjects, they are among the most renowned books that must be read for UPSC preparation. From biodiversity to geography and thousands of years of history to current politics, NCERT authors have compiled everything important in their books.

But, whenever selective studies are concerned, you will need a hand-holding support of a personalized mentor.


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