Women Safety Issues – Marital Rape, Domestic Violence, Swadhar, Nirbhaya Fund, etc.

How to prevent another Bulli Bai or Sulli Deals


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Not much

Mains level : Paper 2- Preventing targeting of Muslim women online


The auctioning of Muslim women first on Sulli Deals and now through Bulli Bai is shocking and it is our collective responsibility to make sure it never happens again.

How to prevent such incidents from happening?

  • Even a good system of blocking this app from mainstream online platforms is a short-term technical solution.
  • We have on our hands a problem of a few active bad actors and many passive ones.
  • Systems to identify and remove content on Social media: For over a decade, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube have been at the center of controversy.
  • Over time, they have developed elaborate systems through which harmful content can be identified and removed.
  • What is key is that this content is usually legible to a wide range of people. 

How GitHub is different?

  • GitHub’s content is code.
  • GitHub is a specialist platform that is not accessible or legible to everyone.
  • It is, however, working towards more sophisticated content moderation.
  • There is great value in a platform that shares code.

Challenges in finding and punishing perpetrators

  • US laws: The United States of America’s laws require companies not to share private information unless the request is made through an onerous process.
  • Delay in sharing information: This is a pre-internet process for law enforcement requests from other countries.
  • After the internet made American platforms intermediaries of communication worldwide, the number of requests for information from these companies escalated dramatically.
  • The system does not have the resources to cope with the increased demand and there is a delay before requests can be processed.
  • This is why it is a waste of time calling for GitHub to hand over the names of the authors of the code.


  • Automated detection system: To address non-consensual sexual media, platforms maintain a shared database of reported videos and images which they remove the instant they are re-published or shared.
  •  At least in the short term, GitHub needs to work with the group being targeted towards an automated detection system that will restrain this new disturbing trend in targeting Muslim women.


Our focus in the short term should be on finding a way to make sure that any recurring versions of this code are blocked proactively by GitHub.

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Ada Newkirk
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