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Melanochlamys Droupadi: New Sea Slug specie named after President Murmu


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Melanochlamys Droupadi

Mains level: NA


President Draupadi Murmu

In the news

  • The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) announced the discovery of a new marine species, Melanochlamys droupadi, named after the esteemed President of India, Droupadi Murmu.

About Melanochlamys Droupadi

  • Geographical Origin: Melanochlamys droupadi was first sighted off the shores of Digha in West Bengal and Udaipur in Odisha, marking its exclusive habitat.
  • Distinctive Features: Characterized by its short, blunt cylindrical body and smooth dorsal surface adorned with two unequal shields, this species showcases unique anatomical traits.
  • Morphological Identification: The species was meticulously examined for morphological, anatomical, and molecular characteristics, confirming its taxonomic classification within the Melanochlamys genus.
  • Physical Attributes: It is a small invertebrate reaching up to 7 mm in length, exhibits a brownish-black hue with a striking ruby red spot.
  • Biological nature: It is hermaphroditic (possessing both male and female reproductive organs, structures, and tissue) and predominantly inhabits intertidal zones along sandy beaches.

Habitat and Reproduction

  • Ecological Niche: The species is typically found in the intertidal zone, leaving distinctive crawl marks along sandy beaches.
  • Reproductive Cycle: Reproduction occurs primarily between November and January, marking a critical phase in the species’ life cycle.

Distribution and Taxonomy

  • Indo-Pacific Realm: While species of the Melanochlamys genus are predominantly found in temperate regions of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, Melanochlamys droupadi stands out as a truly tropical species.
  • Research Insights: A study conducted by ZSI researchers sheds light on the species’ behavior, highlighting its unique ability to secrete transparent mucus, forming a protective sheath against sand grains.

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