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Panel set up to implement Assam Accord


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The Assam government on Saturday set up an eight-member sub-committee to examine and prepare a framework for the implementation of all clauses of the Assam Accord of 1985.

What is Assam Accord?

  • The Assam Accord was a Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed the Government of India and the leaders of the Assam Movement.
  • It the movement demanded the identification and deportation of all illegal foreigners – predominantly Bangladeshi immigrants.
  • They feared that past and continuing large scale migration was overwhelming the native population, impacting their political rights, culture, language and land rights.
  • The Assam Movement caused the estimated death of over 855 people.
  • It ended with the signing of the Assam Accord in 1985.

What are the major clauses of Assam Accord?

  • Clause 5: Foreigners Issue
  • Clause 6: Constitutional, Legislative & Administrative safeguards
  • Clause 7: Economic Development
  • Clause 9 : Security of International Border
  • Clause 10: Prevention of Encroachment of Government lands
  • Clause 11: Restricting acquisition of immovable property by foreigners
  • Clause 12: Registration of births and deaths

Which clauses are being discussed?

  • A sub-committee has been tasked to examine and prepare a framework for implementation of all clauses of Assam Accord in general with special emphasis on Clause 6, Clause 7, Clause 9 and Clause 10.

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