Climate Change Impact on India and World – International Reports, Key Observations, etc.

Western Disturbances


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Western Disturbances

Mains level : Western Disturbances and its impact on India

  • Under the continued influence of a western disturbance, various parts of the country received unprecedented rainfall and hailstorms few days back.

Western Disturbance

  • A Western Disturbance is an extratropical storm originating in the Mediterranean region that brings sudden winter rain to the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent.
  • It is a non-monsoonal precipitation pattern driven by the westerlies.
  • The moisture in these storms usually originates over the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Extratropical storms are a global phenomena with moisture usually carried in the upper atmosphere, unlike their tropical counterparts where the moisture is carried in the lower atmosphere.
  • They are important for the development of the Rabi crop, which includes the locally important staple wheat.

Importance of Western Disturbances

  • The western disturbances affect weather conditions during the winter season up to Patna (Bihar) and give occasional rainfall which is highly beneficial for the standing rabi crops.
  • The arrival of these causes precipitation leading to an abrupt decrease in air temperature over North-West India.
  • Western Disturbances also bring heavy snowfall in the Himalayan Region and a cold wave to north Indian plains.
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