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What is the School Bubble Concept?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : School bubbles

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The Karnataka government has proposed the ‘school bubble’ concept to mitigate the spread of the disease among children (aged below 18) attending offline classes at schools and pre-university colleges across the state.

It takes a village to raise a child.


What are school bubbles?

  • School bubbles are physical classifications made between groups comprising a small number of students.
  • As per the concept, each such bubble will include students who tend to remain as a group during school hours throughout the term or an academic year.
  • The concept would help managements easily isolate a fewer number of students in case anyone gets infected.
  • For instance, a school bubble can include 30 students. If one among them gets infected, the others can self-isolate but the school need not be closed completely.
  • This would allow uninterrupted learning to others as well.

Why are school bubbles significant?

  • The concept of school bubbles, experts feel, will be more relevant to students studying in primary school or below.
  • These students will have more chances of peer-to-peer interactions on a daily basis.
  • With school bubbles in place, the risk assessment process to identify close contacts of a Covid-positive student will also get easier.

Is this concept completely new?

  • This has been successfully implemented at schools in the United Kingdom.
  • The government there has further relaxed social-distancing measures for students within a particular school bubble.
  • However, all members of the bubble are mandatorily subjected to RT-PCR tests if a student is infected.

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Waleed sattar
1 year ago

The school bubble is basically a simple classification that is made between small groups of students. This is a good way for best homework services and students can easily make their appearance in class.

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