Nikaalo Prelims 2021| 60 days free crash course for IAS Prelims| Top 5 students will get free magazine

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This is not the time to study new things but to consolidate and revise whatever you have studied so far. Try to narrow down the focus on the most important areas, refer PYQs, solve them, analyze them. The last phase of preparation is always very crucial, utilize it very judiciously.

Keeping in mind we have launched Nikaalo Prelims program for everyone.

Nikaalo Prelims 2021

It’s the 4th edition of our OPEN Crash Course. The last 3 editions have been immensely helpful to aspirants who wanted a fast-paced revision sequence. With Nikaalo Prelims you get our full commitment for the next 60 days with these things: 

  1. Prelims Spotlight (simplified, synthesized, byte-sized information collated in notes)
  2. Static & CA Tests (alternate days, 20 questions with rich explainers)

Major components of the Program are:

1. Prelims SPOTLIGHT

This initiative is meant to help you revise details and facts that can be asked in prelims. They are simplified, synthesized and prepared using most authentic sources.

These can easily slip your mind or you can easily confuse these. Continuous Revision for the same is required. Dare you to miss the updates!

2. Static Subject Revision and Tests

The timetable for the static subject and Current Affair test is already released.

3. Nikaalo Prelims Habitat club

All material, notes and doubt sessions will take place on Habitat club. Click here to join Nikaalo Prelims Habitat club

You can also search for 2021 Nikaalo Prelims club on Habitat.

We will try our best to provide:

  • The theme of the question
  • The Year of matching previous year question  from the actual exam so you can assess the relevance
  • Lengthy and elaborate explanations
  • Question Type – Civilsdaily’s unique innovation

You appear for a test every 2nd day at 5 PM. We believe some breathing time is necessary to ensure consistency and efficiency. Besides, a good revision also requires a quality time commitment.

Instant score after you submit your test with proper explanations for the questions.

Top 10 Ranks will be announced for every test at the launch of the next test.

Top 5 performers in the mini-test for 5 consecutive days will get free access to Civilsdaily Current Affairs magazine of one year along with one-time personalized mentorship to discuss the entire roadmap for your preparation.

You have any other doubts related to your UPSC journey, fill the Samvanya form and your mentor will be glad to discuss with you.

Download PDF Time Table here – Time-Table-Mission-Nikaalo-Prelims

Register here for a free 1-1 mentorship session

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