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(LIVE) Day 12 | Environment: Important Laws & bodies

(LIVE) Day 11 | Environment- Important Declarations, Conventions, & Protocols for UPSC Prelims 2023

Day 10 | External sector of India


(LIVE) Day 8 | Imp keywords in Budget, Fiscal Policy &Taxation | Indian Economy

Day 7 – Indian Economy: National Income, Inclusive Growth, and other social sector-related schemes


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As we enter the last three months before UPSC Prelims 2023 it is time to understand and fill critical gaps in your preparation.

Based on our discussion with around 2500 aspirants, over the past few years at this point in time (3 months before Prelims) we know that you

  • might have already completed the GS syllabus or are about to but finding a gap in core concepts or how to use the knowledge for solving MCQs,
  • your scores in mocks fluctuate and get stuck at 80-90 marks barrier, and
  • most like you don’t know what your weaknesses are, least of all how to make an improvement.

We’re excited to launch the 6th edition of Nikaalo Prelims for UPSC Prelims 2023

Nikaalo Prelims is the ONLY PROGRAM that will handhold you to understand your gaps, streamline your preparation during the peak months, and ensure that you have the best shot at clearing prelims.

It is a 90 days FREE initiative for UPSC Prelims 2023 in which we will have daily LIVE sessions on YouTube and Telegram by CivilsDaily’s senior IAS faculty. Our mentors work day and night to ensure that our aspirants get the best out of it.

How is Nikaalo Prelims any different from the other “x-day revision programs”?

You might have chanced upon x-day revision programs by other institutes and UPSC coachings, and all of them are focussing on the content aspect using old ways of revision and preparation in the last 90 days.

Nikaalo Prelims is going to help you identify, understand and work on the ‘Critical Gaps’ in your preparation. Our team of highly experienced IAS faculty and UPSC rankers have worked really hard on designing this program.

Through our LIVE sessions, Prelims Spotlight PDFs, and MCQs tests we will test you, guide you and help fill these critical gaps:

  • Awareness Gap
  • Knowledge Gap
  • Revision Gap
  • X-Factor Gap
  • DO NOT TOUCH questions and topics for UPSC Prelims

Without progressively working on these gaps, you CANNOT clear UPSC Prelims.

Our team has prepared a 90 days timetable and based on that we will conduct sessions and tests in the program.

1. Daily LIVE sessions on Youtube and Telegram – Consistency in Preparation

In Daily YouTube Live sessions Parth sir will take up and discuss GS static concepts and MCQs. These sessions will be strictly timetable based. He will discuss GS core concepts live with you.

In the evening, Sukanya ma’am will take Live Telegram sessions on core GS concepts related to current affairs and MCQs.

2. Prelims Spotlight PDFs

This initiative is meant to help you revise details and facts that can be asked in prelims. They are simplified, synthesized, and prepared using the most authentic sources.

Topics in Spotlight are chosen only after analyzing the previous year’s trends and PYQs of the UPSC Prelims. These can easily slip your mind or easily confuse you. Continuous Revision for the same is required. Dare you to miss the updates!

These PDFs will be shared with you on a daily basis. Do register.

3. Static Subject Revision and Tests

In a timebound and strategic manner, we will cover all the important static topics and related current affairs. Through daily MCQ tests we will keep you sharp. The discussion of these with Sukanya ma’am and Nikaalo Prelims community will 10x your prep.

4. Predicting MCQs for UPSC Prelims 2023: Most probable questions

Using methodical PYQ analysis, discussions, and insights of our highly experienced faculty we will be sharing a list of most probable questions for the Prelims 2023.

5. Nikaalo Prelims Community

In addition, to live sessions with senior mentors, our Telegram community provides a supportive and interactive space for UPSC aspirants to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. As a member of our Telegram community, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other like-minded learners, build meaningful relationships, and stay motivated throughout your UPSC journey. You’ll gain exclusive access to study materials, mock tests, and valuable insights from our senior mentors and peers.

6th Edition of 🎯Nikalo Prelims 2023 launched | 28th Feb to 27th May⭐

How sessions will be taken?

  1. At 10 am everyday you will find Prelims Spotlight PDFs on our website.
  2. At 7 pm Parth sir will go live on YouTube to discuss core concepts and set themes for the day, as mentioned in the timetable.
  3. Daily MCQ test will be shared in the telegram group and you are expected to attempt those and share the report of the questions you got incorrect in our format in he channel. We will be monitoring your progress.
  4. Sukanya ma’am will be Live at 6 pm daily on Telegram to discuss current affairs and MCQs as per the timetable.
  5. We are keeping 1 hour for student-contributed questions. We want to build a community where students are committed to helping each other and clearing prelims together.

This is it. Feel free to reach out to us for details.

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11 months ago

Another great article filled with GREAT information Thank you! LOVE the “extra fun” you shared. LOVE IT! Drift Boss


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