Only 1 in 100 Aspirants clear Prelims||Not clearing prelims is tough BUT don’t let that stop you from chasing your dream

Prelims is the most brutal stage of the UPSC Examination. Lakhs of students out of the race in one go. Lakhs of dreams shattered in one go!!

Not clearing prelims can be tough. A whole one year of preparation suddenly seems like a waste. The worst is when you start questioning your own capability – What good I am when I could not clear even the first stage of the UPSC exam? Should I start considering option B? What am I doing wrong?……

STOP Get out of this Loop FAST
Questioning your abilities is never the solution to any problem, let alone not clearing prelims. Even ranker holders like Swati Sharma AIR 17(2019) consider Prelims to be scary because let’s face it – it is a dicey game.

So, don’t get into this philosophical loop like what will I do with my life now that I have failed prelims. “Just buckle up, and deal with it. Prepare harder and prepare better”. Seems like tough love advice but we are here to help you out.

Pranav Vijay AIR 65(2020) didn’t get disheartened after not clearing prelims 2 times in a row. He identified his issues, prepared smarter, and excelled with flying colors.


Revise the paper: Go through the prelims 2021 paper again, you can’t chart out your future strategy without knowing where you messed up in the first place. While you do this, gather data on how many were careless mistakes, random guesses, or wrong because you did not properly revise.
Identify your weakness/strengths: Mark the subjects where you feel you don’t have a proper holdover. Weakness can be even in strategy, time management, or lack of revisions. In order to improve knowing your weakness is important. Strength can be a subject or the art of intelligent guessing in prelims, you have to make sure you retain that for the next prelims.
Start preparing comprehensively: The ultimate aim is not just clearing prelims but getting your name in that final pdf. In order to achieve that you have to make sure that you start both your prelims and mains preparation together.


Make your preparation more structured and rational: Clearing prelims and mains are completely different skills. Toppers like Tina Dabi were great at the mains stage but barely passed the prelims examination. This is where your mentor comes into play who can ensure your preparation is a balanced approach to fulfill the requirements of both examinations.

Retrospect on your previous preparation to prepare the future plan: If you are a beginner then your strategy would be different from a person who has written mains 2 times. Personalize attention is necessary to cater to the demands of each and every student. Our mentors are up for any challenge that students face in their preparation journey.

Mentor at every step: At Civilsdaily, we believe that one bad result is not the real judge of your abilities. The very first thing that our mentors do is building up your confidence and your faith in yourself. Mentors here will be your friend, philosopher, and guide in the real sense.

Prelims is over but this does not have to be the end to your dream. Connect with us and let us help you out in planning a better and efficient strategy for the future.

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