(Imp) Test Discussion for Second full syllabus Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLT | 5:00 pm on Habitat

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Have you attempted full syllabus FLT – 1 and 2 yet? They are live.

Enroll here for Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLTs

(Schedule and details at the bottom)

Hi students

The second full syllabus FLT is live and many have already attempted it. Today we will be having a discussion-cum-doubt solving session on an exclusive group (link shared via email) on Civildaily’s Habitat.

If you are yet to attempt the second full syllabus test you can access the saved discussions later and ask doubts any time you want.

About Nikaalo Prelims 2020 FLTs

Based on Zeeshan sir’s Score Boosting Techniques discussions on Civilsdaily’s Habitat in the past few days, we have updated and redesigned Nikaalo Prelims FLTs.

There are 4 Full Syllabus, full-length tests. These tests are essential. Each test will be discussed on Habitat. Other than these we’re providing 4 theme-based revision tests and 3 CSAT tests.

8 GS FLTs, 3 CSAT, Habitat membership, Discussion, Notes

All full syllabus tests will get thoroughly discussed on Civilsdaily’s Habitat on scheduled dates (at the bottom).

Enroll here for Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLTs

Highly optimized, remarkably relevant, and really comprehensive it is a power pack.

Program inclusion

1. Four Full syllabus FLTs; 4 theme-based revision tests; 3 CSAT papers (check the schedule below)

2. Civilsdaily’s support and Habitat membership. 

3. An in-depth discussion (question by questions) on Civilsdaily’s Habitat.

4. High-quality Nikaalo Prelims handouts.

5. All India ranking.

Enroll here for Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLTs

Four full-length, full syllabus tests:

These are IAS prelims essentials.

Based on the UPSC paper our FLTs will rigorously test your preparedness and point out weak areas. It will give you the necessary reflection, direction, and confidence for the actual battle.

Prepared by our team, these papers closely resemble an actual UPSC paper.

All important and probable questions for UPSC Pre 2020 are going to be covered in our tests. 

Read about our innovation-Question Tagging

Theme based revision tests: 

They will cover – Union Budget, Economic Survey, India Yearbook, Schemes, Acts, Organisations and Institutions (national and international).

Covering this part is a pain. We know. But there is no other way. We will help. 

Around 50-55 questions are expected in the UPSC Prelims from these sections. Preparedness in this section will ensure your success in prelims. It can actually decide if you are writing Mains 2020 or not. 

Enroll here for Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLTs


3 Full-length CSAT papers based on latest UPSC CSAT paper.


  1. All India ranking – released on the next day of the tests.
  2. Nikaalo Prelims handouts – comprehensive, simple and precise. 
  3. Detailed discussion and analysis on Civilsdaily’s Habitat (on mentioned dates in the schedule).
Zeeshan sir’s Score Boosting Discussions on Habitat


  1. Fees for the test: Rs 500 + Taxes
  2. Click on the following link: https://bit.ly/2wIEKt8


Nikaalo Prelims 2020 FLTs
  1. You can give the Revision tests as per your timetable. You can ask any doubts you have on Habitat.
  2. Full syllabus FLT test discussion will take place on the scheduled dates (5:00 pm) only. You can separately ask doubts as well.

Enroll here for Nikaalo Prelims 2020 – FLTs

All the best.

Ask your doubts in the comments below. You can also contact us at 8929987787 or hello@civilsdaily.com

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