[Official] Sociology Optional | IAS Mains | Daily Initiative 2

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Hey guys , many of us are already honing our tikdams for prelims and mains answer writing skills with help of Civilsdaily.

But ,one more essential part of our preparation is mastering our optional subject .It is not possible to succeed in Mains exam without having a good command over the optional and what else can be simpler to grasp than the science of society(sociology).
Sociology has 3 parts just like a beautifully written essay An introduction, content and conclusion .


-What is sociology , methods used ,its difference from other sciences ,etc


This is the backbone of sociology .Content of sociology is its Thinkers and their perspectives
-Karl Marx
-Max Weber
-Emile Durkheim
-Talcot parsons
-RK Merton
-GH Mead


To relate the content with the institutions of our society like religion , education , political system , etc
Now everyone can write an essay but to truly ace in the essay we need to master the art of linking the content with a conclusion ,don’t we ?

So, rather than just mugging up the perspectives of various thinkers we need to comprehend them and apply them wherever we want and we are asked to .

We will start with the thinkers first as it is the heart and soul of sociology .

Slowly we will discuss events in our society and try linking them with various perspectives .This way we will be able to tackle the dynamic demand of UPSC.

We all are beginners and we will make mistakes but that’s how we will learn .

From 21st October I will start asking questions everyday from Thinkers and first thinker will be Karl Marx (please read about him and his perspectives of society) . This way we will know what we will be answering after a couple of days and prepare accordingly .

I hope we all write answers and give feedback to grow as a community around science of society ?


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