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Feel Free to Join the amazing Ask Me Anything open book session & consult your UPSC Mains’ trial for more satisfactory performance. 

Civilsdaily Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
*Super 100 UPSC Mains: 2023 Year long Program || By Senior IAS Mentor Swatantra Dantre*Date & Time: *May 18, 2022 @07:00 PM (Please login by 06:45 PM) India*
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Meeting ID: 846 0741 4160

Passcode: 261950

Webinar Details:

Grasp the opportunity to get exceptional tips on ‘what is the best strategy for UPSC-Mains’, and ‘how to write fantastic or above-average answers by presenting with a clear structure. This entire webinar is free. All aspirants are wholeheartedly welcome to attend.

Date: 18th May 2022 (Wednesday)

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM

Strategies & Approaches, in This Free Live Webinar by Swatantra Sir!

  • Best, authentic, minimum materials for UPSC-CSE Mains Preparation. Do’s & Dont’s, How to remake ‘Recognition of information’ into ‘recall, analyse & express’.
  • Whether your answers ought to reflect the editorial standards of The Hindu! What should be the foolproof strategy? What subject to pick up first to start your Mains Preparation!
  • How toppers prioritize speed over content, and content over structure. How to fix your answer writing structure, improve the content
  • How to create a basic conceptual framework of the answer before committing anything to paper. Implications of overstretching your imagination.
  • How to fetch maximum score in both ‘Essay’ & ‘Ethics’ papers to enhance your marks in total.
  • What is the difference between ‘Opinion-based’ & ‘Fact-based’ questions will also be discussed thoroughly in this webinar?
  • How & where to present the answer, replete with a Map/diagram/flowchart/, It will help to get extra 0.25-0.5 marks across 80 questions of GS papers.
  • If the question is in two parts, sticking to the word limit, how to address the demand of each part. What is the way to enclose also any critical analysis you should have within the subheading?
  • How to enhance writing patterns, where to take mock regularly, how many mock tests are fit, Etc. will be discussed in this live webinar.
  •  The untold secret of coverage of the Mains syllabus is that the syllabus can be covered 100%. The most brilliant of candidates will testify that even their coverage of the syllabus was not completely 100%. 

About Swatantra Sir:

Swatantra sir is a mentor with Civilsdaily for nearly 2+ years and is now working with Sukanya Rana Ma’am in the Civilsdaily Mains Guidance Program. His experience of scoring 110+ in all the 6 Prelims exams, coupled with scoring 135+ marks in ethics and essay papers and attending the interview twice, makes him an appropriate guide to address this compulsory matter.

All The Best

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