Over 80 Civilsdaily students became RANKERS in UPSC civil services 2020(30 in top 100)| YOU can be NEXT| New batch of Foundation 2022 Starting Oct 16th| Schedule your free mentorship call

Civilsdaily helped over 80 aspirants become Rankers in the UPSC exam 2020!

30 Civilsdaily students secured ranks in the top 100 (more than any other institute)!

Our results improved by 80% in just one year!

Our top rankers from UPSC 2020

Now, we are launching another batch of Foundation 2022 using the same strategy and plan that got us this incredible result.

80 Students realized their dream of cracking the exam. YOU could be next!

So, what is Foundation 2022, and how will it help you?

  1. It is a complete program for IAS 2022 which includes:
  2. Master Classes -to ensure comprehensive coverage of all the portions of static syllabus along with an in-depth analysis.
  3. Ultimate Assessment Program – to evaluate your level of preparation through various tests- Prelims, Mains, Essay, Samachar Manthan, Decimate Prelims.
  4. A dedicated mentor to guide you through the maze of the UPSC exam.
  5. Exclusive membership to Civilsdaily Community on Habitat.

What is Ultimate Assessment Program 2022

A mentor-guided assessment program to keep you on track at all times and bring in strategic interventions when and where required.

How are we going to approach UPSC IAS 2022?

Broadly, six factors determine your success in cracking this prestigious IAS exam.

The most important being understanding the expectations of UPSC. According to that planning and strategizing. Then Learning – Knowledge and information. Then Analyzing – making linkages, connections, etc. After that, Executing and utilizing information, and Constant course correction – because mistakes are inevitable, need to rectify them asap.

How will it help you?

Through our mentorship-driven and personalized approach, we’re hell-bent on simplifying things for you. Hence, we have come up with a plan that you will instantly connect with you and give you a vibe that yes you can do it!

1. Integrated Approach

Preparation for Prelims and Mains is harmonized. You study a subject, attempt prelims tests, and then attempt mains tests for the same. This leads to solid preparation.

Many institutes out there will not able to present an integrated approach. They offer separate timetables for prelims and mains confusing the students further. That’s not the case with us!

2. Priority-wise Coverage of subjects

We are starting with the most important subjects from the exam perspective first. These are very predictable + have a very high return on investment. They need to be mastered if one has to have a shot at the exam. Polity, Modern History, and Economics. The lower priority ones follow afterward.

3. Logical Division of Topics

Subjects have been divided into topics that logically fit together. Eg. for Polity we ask you to prepare in 2 parts – first, till Central Government and second, from State Government and beyond. This division is not ad-hoc and does not break the flow of your studies.

4. Base and Advanced Sources

We have divided the sources into 2 parts, Base Sources, and Advanced Sources. Base sources are those which you have to master. You should come to advanced sources only when you are thorough with the Base Sources.

All this is under the guidance of a dedicated mentor who will oversee your progress, help you strategize your preparation, plan it and make it measurable, help you analyze and evaluate your preparation; and introduce strategic interventions wherever and whenever required.

Here’s what students have to say about the program:

Do not wait, start on the right track. Civilsdaily has helped 80 aspirants become rankers. You can be next!

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch
💥Mentorship New Batch Launch