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how to prepare for UPSCIAS

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Hi students, the UPSC exam is one of the trickiest exams, and to be able to clear it you need to follow a pattern. It is not just about reading, learning, revising.

Broadly, six factors constituting an exam cracking pattern, determine your success in cracking this prestigious IAS exam:

1. Understanding the expectations of UPSC is the most important of them all. Since UPSC is changing the pattern and the way they ask questions you need to adapt to it as well. Just knowing the syllabus and sources is not enough. Neither is it about finishing the syllabus only. It has to be done in a certain manner. Only when you know what UPSC wants you can make an effort in that direction. Fill Samanvaya form below to discuss the expectations of UPSC and more.

Integrate them in your preparation. We’ll tell you how to do it

2. Planning and Strategizing: This is one of the biggest problems faced by aspirants. Internet and youtube are flooded with IAS toppers’ strategy. While it worked for the toppers, what will work for you is a strategy that is based on your situation (UPSC experience, education, background, etc.), your learning style, the time you have, consideration for your job commitments, etc.

In short, your strategy has to be unique. Just for you. Moreover, it has to be organic and adaptable. Else it won’t work. Let us help make one for you or improve your strategy. (Just fill in the Samanvaya form)

3. Learning – There is no way out to studying and learning. You have to cover the syllabus of both static and optional. Along with this, you have to keep yourself up to date with current affairs. Finding and following one or a credible source is a tricky task especially with a number of resources available both in the market and online.

It becomes essential that you are picking up the right study material/books.

Tell us where are you facing an issue. Fill Samanvaya form for IAS 2021 and IAS 2022. A senior mentor from Civilsdaily will call you within 24 hours for a detailed in-depth discussion.

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4. Analyzing – While most of the aspirants focus only on learning things, it is this aspect that is essential for UPSC exam. UPSC is not going to ask questions directly (not many times). You need to have an ability to connect, interlink various topics and analyze deeply various aspects of an issue.

Until and unless you hone your skills in this area you are just doing a leisurely read of the syllabus.

How to prepare for upsc 2021? Strategy for upsc 2021?
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Abhishek has benefited from Civilsdaily’s approach, so did 70+ candidates who cleared UPSC IAS 2019

5. Executing and utilizing information– The most ignored areas in UPSC preparation. We must understand that whatever we are learning and analysing in the course of UPSC preparation has a purpose, that is to score more marks in the UPSC exam. Only this is going to get you selected.

Regular tests, for both prelims and mains, daily answer writing, making notes must be followed. Instead of just doing it randomly, you need to develop a process for them. It is not just about taking tests and writing daily answers, if you are not learning the execution part as per the demands of the UPSC it won’t give you good results.

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6. Constant course correction – In your preparation, you are going to deviate from the path of effective preparation many times. Mistakes are inevitable. An aspirants (even 3-4th attempt) is going to make a lot of mistakes. What you need is to get back to it on the right path as soon as possible. You need to have a self-awareness about your preparation and then make necessary changes as per them.

These are the six areas that make a perfect exam cracking pattern that you need to follow. Tell us where are you facing an issue. Fill the Samanvaya for m to discuss those issues with senior mentors from Civilsdaily. We will call you within 24 hours.

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