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Persistent | After facing multiple failures in a row, A taste of success, | Amit Anand, AIR 411, UPSC 2021 | Civilsdaily Mentorship Student | Get in touch with his mentor

“A good mentor is always a big +”-Amit Anand mentioned in an interview with CD. 

Amit Anand, AIR 411, UPSC 2021. a Student under under Smash Mains (Sajal Sir)

Amit Anand was one of the mentorship students under Sajal sir, and other CD mentors under the Smash Mains program. 

Before getting in touch with Sajal Sir in 2021, He had been facing failure consistently. His UPSC journey started in 2016. Although he reached interviews 2 times, he couldn’t get on the final merit list. He said that he couldn’t figure out the necessary things which are highly required to work on.

He came to know about Sajal Sir and his Smash Mains Program from one of his friends. As soon as he heard, he connect with Sajal Sir and join his Mains Program.

In 2021, he got in touch with Sajal Sir, and received the remedial advice, he was looking for. He attributed his success to the remedial advice of Sajal Sir under Smash Mains.

  • Sajal Sir’s tireless mentorship helped him to find those core areas in GS papers on which he had to improve tremendously. 
  • Sajal Sir’s guidance got him 10 times likely to prepare in a very short time. 
  • Next level evaluation of answers helped him a lot to fetch more scores in GS papers.
  •  Resource consolidation on Mains’ Preparation.

He improved his marks drastically in this 2021 Mains. In a candid conversation with Siddhart sir, Amit shared his journey, motivations, up and downs, lessons learned, and his secret of what kept him going. Listen to his story.

Amit’s optional was Geography. He hails from Deoghar and has been exceptional in his studies all through school and college. He is an engineering graduate by education. 

Amit has made us proud by securing AIR 411 in UPSC 2021 exam. It is yet another validation of CivilsDaily’s vision and approach to personalized mentorship.

Amit has inspired us and we wish him all the best. He’s going to be an administrator of great integrity!

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Amit is one of 200 rankers from CivilsDaily’s mentorship programs.

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