Polity Titbits: Important articles/schedules of Constitution

As written constitution is a compact document like a book, it has various parts, parts have various chapters, chapters have various articles.

Like a book contains appendices to explain things and provide extra info, constitution contains various schedules.

Important parts and schedules of Constitution

Part 1 Union and its territories (Art 1 – 4)
Part 2 Citizenship (Art 5 – 11)
Part 3 Fundamental rights (Art 12 – 35)
Part 4 DPSP (Art 36 – 51)
Part 4A Fundamental duties (Art 51A)


All the schedules are Imp.

1st Names of states and UTs
4th Allocation of seats in RS
5th Schedule and tribal areas
6th Administration of Tribal Areas in Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram
7th Union, state and concurrent list
8th Official language (22)
9th Laws saved from judicial review (added by 1st amendment)
10th Anti Defection Law (52nd amendment)
11th 29 matters related to Panchayat (73rd amendment)
12th 18 matters related to municipality (74th amendment)


  1. Original constitution contained only 8 schedules
  2. Matters added to 9th schedule after 24th April 1973 (Kesavananda Bharati Case) are not immune to judicial review (I.R. Coelho case)

Preamble: Learn it by heart


  1. Based on Objective resolution drafted and moved by Nehru
  2. 42nd amendment 1976 added three new words – socialist, secular and Integrity
  3. Justice – Social, Economic and Political (3 kind)
  4. Liberty – thought, expression, belief, faith and worship (5 kind)
  5. It was enacted after the rest of the constitution
  6. Non-justiciable
  7. Neither source of power nor authority
  8. It can not be amended but basic features can’t be amended

Supreme Court judgements related to Preamble

  1. Berubari Union Case – key to minds of the makers of constitution but not part of the constitution
  2. Kesavananda Bharati Case – Part of the constitution
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Suraj Rathore
Suraj Rathore
5 years ago

Preamble titbit Point 8 has a typing error
It should be :
It can be amended but basic features can’t be amended

User Avatar
4 years ago

pls amend at point No 8 of Preamble , that It can be amended .(may be a typographic error)

User Avatar
4 years ago

Prelims titbits at point no.2 ,it is wrong that by 42nd ammendment act 3 new words were added– Socialist,secular and republic…It should be INTEGRITY not REPUBLIC…..


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