(Pre 2021) Have you analyzed IAS pre-2020? | Do it here. Very important if you want to Decimate Prelims 2021

Decimate Prelims Open Test 2021 (details below) is scheduled on 17th Jan. Click here to join the free Decimate Prelims Open Test Habitat group

2020 prelims was a shocker for many aspirants, first-timers and veterans both were left confused after the exam. Before you go full-on with pre-2021 preparation a detailed analysis of previous year UPSC prelims papers is essential.

Watch Sajal sir discuss some of the doubtful questions from IAS Pre 2020 GS paper1.

About Decimate Prelims Open Tests 2021

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There are three Open Tests, scheduled on 17th Jan, 24th Jan, and 31st Jan 2021, before the start of our DECIMATE PRELIMS 2021 program (details at the bottom). These tests are essential to get awareness on your current prelims preparation level. More details here.

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What is Decimate Prelims 2021?

It is a holistically designed crash course for the UPSC IAS prelims exam. To make it more efficient and outcome-oriented we’ve integrated it with Habitat.

Decimate Prelims 2021 @ Habitat is a three-phased program that ensures full coverage of current affairs syllabus, related static parts, tests, intensive discussions, and revision.

We’re going more intensive and comprehensive to make sure that you comfortably go beyond 130+ marks and literally decimate prelims.

UPSC is evolving, are you? Bury the old ways of IAS Prelims preparation.

How daily Habitat classes will be held?

Since we’re going to be comprehensive and effective, we’ve planned Habitat classes twice a day (2+2 hrs/day) as per a schedule.

Forenoon session: 10am – 12:30pm

You’ll be provided with the base notes and reading material beforehand. In the Habitat class the focus will be on:

  1. Explanation and conceptual clarity.
  2. Making linkages with static part.
  3. Relevance of the topic or its components for the prelims exam.
  4. The kind of questions that could be asked from a particular topic.
  5. Things you need to focus on and the things you can avoid.

You’ll get a video summary lecture of this discussion covering the most important and relevant aspects of the topic.

A discussion session on Habitat

Evening session: 7pm – 9pm

In the second session, we’ll be focussing on the application and utilization of the information part:

  1. Doubts resolution
  2. Daily mini-tests (MCQs) based on day’s discussions
  3. Explanation, discussion, and Tikdams
  4. Revision of the day’s topics

After this session, you’ll be provided with the PDFs of mini-tests, notes for the next session, and reference material (if required).

Habitat sessions will continue till Prelims 2021 in the next two phases as well.

MCQ discussion on Habitat

Decimate Prelims 2021 progression

Phase 1: Course coverage- 7 weeks

In the first 50 days, we are going to cover 2+ yrs current affairs, associated static topics, and prelims worthy issues. These will be covered in 4+ hours daily classes on Habitat.

1. Notes and Habitat video lectures

Crisp but comprehensive notes are going to cover these current affairs on a preliminary level. These will be followed by discussion sessions on Habitat.

2. Daily Habitat classes

Habitat classes will be conducted by the subject-specific mentors twice a day. Here in the first session, you’ll be having an in-depth discussion and analysis of the scheduled topics. Why a particular topic is important and how it could be asked in prelims will be discussed. In the second session of Habitat class, you’ll be attempting MCQs, resolving doubts, and revising.

By the end of the discussion, you will be provided with video summary lectures, MCQs, mindmaps, and reference material, etc.

Phase 2: Tests and Assessment, Discussion, Tikdams- Till May

In the second phase of Decimate Prelims 2021, we’re going to focus on the application of information; testing and evaluation; doubts resolution and course correction; and learning smart ways of attempting the paper through Tikdams sessions.

1. Test series and discussions

Since learning must be accompanied by regular assessment, Decimate Prelims includes 8 Full-Length tests, 10 Current affairs tests, and 4 CSAT tests. These are high-quality tests covering the most relevant issues for IAS prelims 2021.

Tests will be followed by discussion and analysis on Habitat will help in finding out the mistakes you are committing to and how to address them in a most effective manner.

2. Tikdams and Score boosting sessions

We’ve perfected Tikdams or the art of intelligent elimination. It has the potential of raising your score by 30 marks or more. Score boosting sessions, in this phase, will prepare you and enhance your ability to perform under pressure (& lack of information). 

3. Revision and discussion

We’re going to have scheduled revision and doubt resolution sessions on Habitat. These 4+hrs sessions will ensure thorough coverage of the IAS Prelims syllabus.

Phase 3: Probable questions discussion, intensive revision – till prelims

We’ll be providing 300+ most probable topics to you and will be having a discussion session on Habitat around these topics.

Moreover, intensive revision based on listicles, reports, and important topics will continue till your prelims.


Mentorship is an important component of Decimate Prelims 2021. It is essential for guiding your preparation towards the most effective path so that you can make the most out of this program.

On Habitat, you will get mentorship by subject-specific mentors and teachers. You can reach out to them whenever you want and get your doubts resolved as soon as you get them.

Notes and study material

As mentioned above high-quality PDF notes of current affairs, daily MCQs, discussion summaries, etc. are going to be provided. You’ll also be getting an annual subscription to Civils Digest, our monthly magazine.

Other reference material, listicles, etc. will be provided as and when required.

Program inclusion:

  1. Daily Habitat classes: 4+ hrs
  2. Comprehensive Current Affairs coverage
    • 2+ years Prelims worth issues and topics
    • CA associated static topics
    • Video lectures/summaries.
  3. Exclusive membership to Habitat group
  4. Test series with doubt resolution discussions
    • 8 Full-Length Tests
    • 10 Current Affairs Tests
    • 4 CSAT 
  5. Mentorship 
    • Connect with subject-specific mentors on Habitat
  6. Score Booster sessions (Tikdams)
    • Habitat sessions in the second phase
    • Video summary lectures
  7. Notes and study material
    • High-quality current affairs notes (PDF)
    • Daily discussion summaries, mindmaps, and MCQs
    • Civils Digest: Monthly magazine

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