Prelims 2022: Fire is the test of gold! UPSC Prelims is no fire, but YOU are gold | Let your Hard work speak for yourself

Dear Aspirants,

Finally, the D-Day is here!

One year’s hard work of burning mid-night oil, revising those lengthy books like Laxmikant, making short notes, and updating your current affairs on daily basis.

It is said that UPSC Prelims is just a screening test to weed out the not-so-serious aspirants. Yet it can be brutal when your whole year’s hard work and dedication, is judged in just 120 minutes!

Some of you might be stressed and, some panicky. AND IT’S OKAY!

This post is simply a REMINDER to you guys that YOU ARE A FIGHTER.

You have been fighting for your dream every single day up till now, slogging through days and nights. Tomorrow is just one small battle you have to win to get closer to your dream. So, don’t let the last-minute jitter get the worst of you.

We, at Civilsdaily, want to wish you all the best for tomorrow. We will stand by you in your journey no matter what. There are certain things that we would want to share:

  1. One step at a time – One question at one time: Tackle one question at a time, don’t get hung up on what you know or don’t know.
  2. Do not think of results or cut-offs while still in the exam hall: Let’s take care of that. In 2 days, we will let you know all this information.
  3. Self-control is strength and Calmness is power: Keep your thought process clear and don’t get tempted to mark answers just for the sake of attempting 90 questions.
  4. Believe in yourself and the process: You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.
  5. Stay focussed: Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. It is time you utilise the best of your hard work.

Don’t consider this as Last minute “Gyan ki Baat”. This is just us wishing the best for you.

All the best guys for tomorrow!

Do read Sajal sir’s 4 step solving strategy.

Click and watch this video to know 5 common OMR sheet filling mistakes

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