[Prelims Spotlight] Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), UNESCO, Island Development Agency, Himayat

Here are  Back2Basics collections from today’s news items

B2B #1: From news- [pib] Suresh Prabhu launches Mobile App ‘ReUnite’

Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA)

  1. BBA is India’s largest movement for the protection of children and works along with law enforcement agencies and policymakers.
  2. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate is the founder of this NGO.
  3. BBA has played a very important role in the formulation of several laws for the protection of child’s rights.
  4. It began from the Nithari case in 2006 which finally culminated with the Supreme Court passing the landmark judgment in 2013 ordering that FIR has to be lodged in all cases of missing children.

B2B #2: From news- [pib] India gets its 37th UNESCO World Heritage Site


  1. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) based in Paris.
  2. Its declared purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms etc.
  3. UNESCO implements its activities through the five programme areas: education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and communication and information.
  4. It designates projects and places of cultural and scientific significance, such as:
  • Global Geoparks Network
  • Biosphere reserves (Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB), since 1971)
  • City of Literature
  • Endangered languages and linguistic diversity projects
  • Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
  • Memory of the World International Register, since 1997
  • Water resources management (International Hydrological Programme (IHP), since 1965)
  • World Heritage sites
  • World Digital Library

UNESCO World Heritage Committee

  1. The World Heritage Committee selects the sites to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the World Heritage List and the List of World Heritage in Danger.
  2. It monitors the state of conservation of the World Heritage properties, defines the use of the World Heritage Fund and allocates financial assistance upon requests from States Parties.
  3. It is composed of 21 states parties that are elected by the General Assembly of States Parties for a four-year term.
  4. India is NOT a member of this Committee.
  5. Recently, its 42nd meeting in 2018 was held in Manama Bahrain.

B2B #3: From news- [pib] PM reviews progress towards holistic development of islands

Island Development Agency

  1. IDA was set up in June 2017 following Prime Minister’s review meeting for the holistic development of islands.
  2. The meetings of the agency are chaired by the Union Home Minister.
  3. Members of IDA include cabinet secretary, the home secretary, secretary (environment, forests and climate change), secretary (tourism) and secretary (tribal welfare)

First Meeting

  • Its first meeting directions were given to identify and execute infrastructure and connectivity projects together with provisioning of water and electricity.
  • 10 islands namely Smith, Ross, Aves, Long and Little Andaman in Andaman & Nicobar and Minicoy, Bangaram, Suheli, Cherium and Tinnakara in Lakshadweep have been identified for holistic development in the first phase.

Second Meeting

  • It reviewed concept development plans and detailed master plans for holistic development of 9 islands.
  • These 9 islands include four in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Smith, Ross, Long, Avis) and five in Lakshadweep (Minicoy, Bangaram, Thinnakara, Cheriyam, Suheli).

Third Meeting

  • It reviewed the progress made towards the preparation of Development Plans for identified Islands (four in A&N Islands i.e. Smith, Ross, Long, Avis and five in Lakshadweep i.e. Minicoy, Bangaram, Thinnakara, Cheriyam, Suheli).
  • For these Islands, Final Site Suitability Reports have been prepared, Carrying Capacity determined and Environmental zoning carried out to ensure sustainable development.

Here’s a Factoid to brush up your concepts

Name of the scheme : Himayat

Objectives : Aims to train youths from both rural and urban areas of J&K in various job-intensive vocational courses over the next three years

Salient Features : -Himayat is a placement linked skill development initiative for training and placement of 1 lakh youths from J&K in next 5 years.

-Youths enrolled for this scheme will be given training for six-months, nine

-months and one year job-oriented courses. -They will be trained in and outside the state.

-A provision has been also kept for foreign placements as well

-The scheme is part of the Skill Empowerment and Employment scheme of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).


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