[Prelims Spotlight] Important reports and indexes ( Part 1 )


Global Economy

1.Report name – Asian Development Outlook

Issuing agency – Asian Development Bank


2.Report name – World Economic Outlook

Issuing agency – International Monetary Fund


3.Report name – Global Economic Prospects

Issuing agency – World Bank



1.Report name – World Development Report

Issuing agency – IBRD (World Bank)


 2.Report name – Ease of Doing Business

Issuing agency – IBRD (World Bank)

Latest in news – India has moved  rank up . This improvement came on the back of slight improvement in four indicators — getting electricity, enforcing contracts, trading across borders and registering property. To read in detail about the Ease of Business ranking, click here.


3.Report name – Industrial Development Report

Issuing agency – UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)


4.Report name – World Investment Report

Issuing agency – UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)


5.Report name – Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report

Issuing agency – WEF (World Economic Forum)


 6.Report Name – World Cities Report

Issuing Agency – UN-Habitat


7.Index name – Logistics Performance Index

Issuing agency – World Bank


3.Global Financial System

1.Report name – Global Financial Stability Report

Issuing agency – International Monetary Fund


2.Report name – Global Financial System Report

Issuing agency – BIS (Bank for International Settlements)


3.Report name – Global Money Laundering Report

Issuing agency – FATF (Financial Action Task Force)

2. Environment

1.Report name – India State of Forest Report

Issuing agency – Forest Survey of India

Latest in news –  Click here to read more.


2.Report name – Actions on Air Quality

Issuing agency – UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)


3.Report name – Global Environment Outlook

Issuing agency – UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)


 4.Report name – The Rise of Environmental Crime

Issuing agency – UNEP & INTERPOL


5.Report name – Global Assessment Report

Issuing agency – UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction)


6.Report name – The Living Planet Report

Issuing agency – WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Latest in news – With wildlife disappearing at an “unprecedented” pace across the world, the Living Planet Report  identifies India as an ecological black spot where around half of the wildlife lives in the danger of being wiped out. The report highlights the pressure on water and land India faces because of unsustainable human activities. Around 70% of surface water is polluted and 60% of ground water will reach critical stage — where it cannot be replenished — in the next one decade,

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